Friday’s Hunt v1.22

Friday’s Hunt

This week’s challenge is to find something for the letter ‘V,’ Week’s Favorite, and Sunshine. I’m glad we didn’t have the sunshine requirement before this, for there was little to be found! 

I thought I might have to take up the violin, but then I remembered the trusty Vitex! This was taken in a previous year, as it hasn’t bloomed yet this spring.

My favorite this week was taken with my iPhone 6 Plus by my brother-in-law during our visit to Colonial Williamsburg.

I liked the sunshine on the horse’s mane in this shot. This, too, was taken in Williamsburg.

To join in the fun, or to see what others have shared, click the Eden Hills link below:


Friday Randomness

Friday Randomness

Tanya is taking a break this month from Willy Nilly Friday 5, but I’m still posting randomness

1. I managed to delete photos from a memory card before downloading them to the computer. I don’t multitask well, so if there’s a distraction, anything can happen! I’m glad I didn’t lose too many. Thankfully, there was a good bit of rain in our weekend, and most of my photos were shot with the trusty iPhone 6 Plus.

Dedicated rail/steam fans

2. At every crossing and area where 611 (steam locomotive) was visible she was greeted by a group of adoring fans.

3. The Vitex came back well after a good pruning this spring. It has lots of fans, too–bees, butterflies, etc.

4. Hubby aggravated his back, so the lava rock “mulch” is still in the bags. It’s been too hot to work on it, anyway.

5. I found these two little cuties when deadheading the bee balm today. I didn’t realize the second one was there until downloading photos–now I wonder if the larger one was considering what to have for lunch. Yes, deadheading was long overdue!

The weekend is upon us again. I hope you have a great one! 




Weekly Photo Challenge–Purple

This is a new addition to our garden, vitex, planted autumn of 2011. This was a shady corner until an oak tree was removed by our neighbor. Looking on the bright side, and I mean that literally, it doubled the area for our butterfly garden. 

The bee was determined to be in the photo–for contrast, of course. I’m not one to strike up an argument with a bee.

We added this butterfly bush earlier this month.

I hope it does as well as this one.