Friday’s Hunt v3.5

All Seasons

Friday rolls around once again–and nearly rolled over me this week! I need to step up my game. 

This week, the hunt is on for Starts with E, Week’s Favorite, and Personal.

E is for evening on Edenton Bay–beautiful in ALL SEASONS.

My favorite this week was catching the Northern Mockingbird preening his feathers.

Making it personal


Who, me?


Bring your photo choices and join the fun! The link to Friday’s Hunt is live until Sunday at 7:00 P.M. Central Time. 




Friday’s Hunt v2.14

Friday’s Hunt

This week we’re hunting: Starts with N, Week’s Favorite, I Made This

If you’ve ever been to the Hampton Roads area (SE Virginia), you would appreciate this view of the Hampton Roads Bridge Tunnel (HRBT)–NO TRAFFIC

Photography composition recommends the horizon fall at 1/3 of the photo–sorry, I could NOT crop that gorgeous sky, even with the tint showing across the top of the windshield.

My Week’s Favorite is a recent colorful sunset.

For I Made This, a mixed-media journal cover work-in-progress. The birds are a stencil from StencilGirl Products.

Waiting to hear from our granddaughter who left Friday for a mission trip to Central America. She’ll be home for Christmas!

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Friday’s Hunt v2.3

Friday’s Hunt

This week we are looking for things that start with C, week’s favorite, and unique perspective.

The juvenile Osprey awaiting dinner at sunset is my unique perspective.

Osprey juvenile

Here’s my recently-created Cozy Corner, with a chair that rocks and swivels. I have more items to add to the shelves. 

My favorite this week is another visit from the Monarch Butterfly. I’m glad it came to the bird-feeder pole so I could get a better shot than last week. I don’t know what it hoped to find there, so I assume it stopped by for the photo op. 

Monarch butterfly

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Random 5 Friday–on Monday

I tacked on Monday just so you’d know I’m fully aware of what day it is. Finally, I’m sharing belated Random 5 Friday thoughts.

1. We had cable/internet issues, only to find we have a little power box that was installed some time ago, and all we had to do was reset it! We’ll know next time!

2. Saturday was a busy day. Hubby’s company Christmas party was late Saturday afternoon. Since we were already dressed, afterward we attended the Christmas musical program at our church. Then we got to sleep in Sunday morning.

3. Schlotzsky’s deli has some new seasonal sandwiches. I tried the Turkey & Cranberry on Dark Rye. I would definitely have it again.

4. I planned to get Christmas cards done today (Sunday) but hubby and I went shopping. Still waiting on the stamps to come, it’s been a week now. The Post Office must be very busy.

5. I’ll leave you with a shot of Sunday evening’s beautiful sunset.

sunset December 15, 2013