Weekly Photo Challenge–Spring; Today’s Flowers

Prompt for Weekly Photo Challenge: Spring

Here are signs of spring in Virginia:

Goldfinches sport their bright colors.
Irises are in bloom…
…and so is the catmint.

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I hope this brightens your day.

God saw all that He made, and behold, it was very good. 



Hint of Fall, or Acorns R Us

There must be a faint hint of fall in the air. Why else would one make a cup of hot cocoa when the outside temperature is 86 degrees Farenheit? It was only 81 when I made it, if that accounts for anything. 

A “slight chance of scattered showers” hovered above the house briefly, temporarily dimming the brightness of Mr. Sun. He knew how fickle they were, and waited patiently for them to move on to greener roofs.

Stepping outside, the scent of summer no longer lingers. It has been pushed aside and replaced with an earthy, dried-grass smell. It won’t be long now until the signs and symptoms of hay fever appear.

Why must the beauty of each season have a down-side?  

In spring, green brightens everything with a layer of pollen, causing many to have itchy eyes and sneezy noses; yet it brings forth beautiful blossoms. The warmth of summer causes all things to burst forth with life, from weeds, poison ivy and mosquitoes, to the fruit of our garden labors. Autumn, much like spring in the seasonal-allergy department, brings those long-awaited cooler temperatures, and jellyfish to the seashore. Winter’s snow–we aren’t even going to go there! 

Maybe the question should be, why are we blessed with a bounty of beauty concurrent with the seasonal changes which wreak havoc with our sensitivities? 

Do you have a favorite season, and why?




Circle of Life–Spring

Many of you have a favorite season of the year. I’ve been giving it some thought, well, I only had to think about three, because winter was taken off the list post-haste. I know I just lost a few readers. Bye, Diane. 🙂

Today, spring is my favorite season. I couldn’t help but smile as I observed Mr. & Mrs. House Sparrow bringing their young to the bird feeder to learn about life. There appeared to be a couple of juveniles, one tending to stick closely to mom, and the other was all about exploring everything. I apologize for the picture quality, shooting through my kitchen window and giggling all the while does not equal tack-sharp photos. 

We have wire cages around a couple of feeders so the pigeons and blackbirds don’t eat ALL the seeds, therefore catering to the smaller birds. There are square openings in the cage, where the birds perch briefly when either entering or exiting. This is what the cage looks like:

It’s fun to watch the young birds try to figure that out. Some will hang there, reminiscent of me on the pull-up bars in high school, until they figure out they need to tuck their heads.

Once inside, Little Explorer was having a hard time getting out. He finally exited through the bottom, which just looks funny, because that’s not usually how it’s done.

There is a squirrel/raccoon baffle surrounding a section of the pole to keep those intruders from climbing it and eating the feeders, as well as the seed. This is what the baffle looks like, along with half a flock of blackbirds (the other half was on the other side of the yard, and the OTHER half–LOL– was at my neighbors):

Intruder alert: (nighttime, through the window, sorry)

I have square, plastic dishes in metal holders arranged here and there on the pole (as seen in the first picture). One dish sits just above the top of the baffle on that one. Little Explorer got on top of the baffle, and was walking around in circles, crouching deeply to fit under the bowl where mom and sibling were dining. It was hilarious to watch, and that’s when I decided I like spring best because it makes my heart happy to watch the circle of life begin. 

Spring Has Sprung

A friend and I attended the Kindred Hearts Tea/Brunch this morning. Everything was so pretty, from the china teacups, teapots, table decorations and food, to the lovely flowered apparel and hats. Spring has definitely sprung.

Brought the cupcake home for hubby, and I can’t wait to get these pretty papers into my art journal! Which reminds me, the third Strathmore art journal workshop starts this weekend.

Lots to do, leaving tomorrow to spend a few days with my daughter. I’m hoping to keep up with my regular blogging schedule, maybe a change of scenery will be inspiring.

Got Paper?

A popular topic in the blogosphere is “What’s on my desk?” Aside from a general mess, well, here you have it. Since no early-blooming flowers reside in my yard, by golly, I’ve got a garden on my desk! (Thanks to Susan Winget, and her scrapbook papers).

She is a watercolor artist, and I’ve faithfully purchased some of her works of art in the form of a Lang calendar for several years now.

Last week, I went to the fabric store. Yes, you heard correctly, “fabric store,” and I came away with PAPER. Lots of paper, as a matter of fact. I might admit to being a paperholic, but will leave that for another post, and your imagination.

Since spring is taking its sweet time arriving this year, I had to go out and buy my own spring. Who says money can’t buy happiness?

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