Wow, it’s hard to imagine a month has passed since my last blog post. WordPress recently announced my 7-year blog anniversary. What a way to celebrate that milestone–it’s like I put a sign in the window ‘Closed for Hibernation.’ Except I forgot to post the sign and went right to sleep. 

To be honest, recent software updates require me to sign in and get an authenticator code every time I leave a comment. Sometimes, the comment I had written disappears. It’s been a bit frustrating, so I’m trying to overcome that and still maintain security of online accounts. If you haven’t heard from me lately and have a Facebook account, please look me up and send a friend request:
Patti Suzi’sMom Jarrett
I’m hoping
 to read and comment on your blog there. 

We missed three of the grandkids’ birthdays in January. Blizzard conditions and ten inches of snow kept us from traveling north the first week; hubby’s job and then his cold kept us home later on.

He was such a sweetie to make a path to the feeders.

One of the squirrels dug down to find buried seeds next to the birdbath.

The Song Sparrow was happy about that!

I managed to get to necessary appointments, but it’s been eight weeks since I’ve seen my hair stylist. The longer look is growing on me… 

My daughter, Suzanne, joined an online art journal group. We’ve been working on projects ‘together’ via text messages. This is the mini binder cover I decorated to hold my photography lesson cards. 

Saturday, I made rosettes from scrapbook paper.

I’m looking forward to bunny-sitting this week. I can’t wait to introduce you to Midnight!  

That’s a brief summary of 2018, thus far. I look forward to hearing from you as I’ve missed our regular online visits. 





Wild Bird Wednesday #114–Exercise Class

Today I’m featuring a few of my backyard friends, feathered–and otherwise. It’s beginning to feel like fall in Virginia, the humidity lessens, a nice breeze welcomes one to step outdoors, and the hours of daylight decrease a wee bit each day. Acorns are falling and the squirrels are burying them.

Song Sparrow demonstrates: Lean forward, stretch to the left, and touch your toes...
Song Sparrow demonstrates: Lean forward, stretch to the left, and touch your toes…
...and up...
…now stand up tall…
...stretch to the right...neck a little tight?...
…stretch to the right…neck a little tight?…
...look to the right and hold that stretch...
…look to the right and hold that stretch…
Brown Thrasher...
Brown Thrasher demonstrates…
...demonstrates the plank those abs!
…the plank position…work those abs!
And here we have Downward-facing Dog.
And here we have Downward-facing Dog Squirrel.

That’s your workout for the day–carry on! Happy Wednesday!

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Wild Bird Wednesday–Snow Day

January 22, 2014

It isn’t often a blanket of snow covers our yard.
Birds left footprints under the feeder.
Here’s my icicle collection!
Song Sparrow, White-throated Sparrow, and if you look closely, the Brown Thrasher made itself a nice place to settle in for a nap.
A male Northern Cardinal adds a dash of color.
Song Sparrow and female Northern Cardinal

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Post #600

This is my 600th blog post, and today I’ll be celebrating with Wild Bird Wednesday!  Stewart’s feature shows the five cormorants found in Australia. The black and white ones are a beauty to behold. Come on over and check it out, and feel free to post your bird photos, too.  The more the merrier!

Today I have two birds to share, as they are one of those interesting nature stories…to me, anyway.  Clicking any picture will bring up a slide show.

Brown-headed Cowbirds do not nest. They seek the opportunity to lay their eggs in a nest prepared by someone else–someone who will incubate them and raise the young. Cowbirds will go so far as to remove eggs that are already there. 

Our unsuspecting little Song Sparrow was the recipient of two cowbird eggs. This weekend we watched it tirelessly seeking whatever it could find to feed its hungry and noisy charges.

I wish I’d gotten a photo of the fat baby Cowbird following behind the tiny sparrow, fluttering its wings and vocally begging, to make sure the sparrow knew right where it was.  

My hubby witnessed the sparrow feeding both young at once, however, I missed that opportunity. 

What’s New in Early June

The flowers have been beckoning me to bring the camera outside–before it’s too late! So, today I got out there before it rained.

Bittersweet, the mockingbird has found a girl, and they are busily preparing a home. He’s no longer singing at all hours of the day and night, and I miss that.

Silent Mockingbird

Mr. and Mrs. Song Sparrow are also busily preparing for their future family. He has taken over the mockingbird’s singing post and scolds anyone who dares to venture into his territory (which I believe encompasses most of the side and back yards). 

Don’t make me come down there.
Tch Tch Tch Isn’t it time you went back in the house?

The rest is what is in bloom, and in the case of the Lorapetalum, not in bloom, but pretty, as the foliage turns a deep maroon in the sunlight.