Random 5 Friday

It’s Friday, and time to share my Random 5 Friday thoughts.

1. We got a treadmill for Christmas, and finally(!) the scale is moving in the opposite direction. I tend to curl into a ball and hibernate during the winter months, but, unlike a bear, I come out to eat. Not a good mix.

2. I’ve returned to using LoseIt! to log my daily food and beverages. It’s much easier to say “no” to snacks when I see the numbers. And there’s an app for that! It’s been improved since my last use. Now my phone can scan a bar code and instantly log the information.

3. I started to type Friday as Fried…

4. It’s a sunny 29(F). I hope March treats us better than February did. Which reminds me, I overheard a little girl tell her mother how to spell and pronounce February, sounding the first “r” that we often ignore.

5. This weekend, I am going to tackle the basket of papers, binders, mail, etc. on the floor next to my chair. And the 380 emails in my Inbox.

I hope you have a wonderful weekend and stay warm, and safe, and dry. Hello, March!

Linking to Nancy’s A Rural Journal for Random 5 Friday.