Weekly Photo Challenge–Friendship

If you’ve been following the “Adventures of Andy,” you’ll be happy to know he’s made some new friends: Wylie; and Susan, who you may know as Suzicate, or “The Water Witch’s Daughter.” She also posts her poems here. If you don’t know her, you might want to stop by one (or both) of her blogs and say, “Hi!” Wylie doesn’t have her own blog…yet. Oh, Andy loves Skinny Dippin,’ too! 

Fabric shopping and Skinny Dipping

Saturday morning, I sat in my studio with the best intentions. The laundry was coming along swimmingly, and I’d even started a housework to-do list. But I was saved by the bell! Ok, the ringing of the phone. They’re similar! My good friend, SuziCate, called and was in need of shopping therapy. I couldn’t let her go it alone. After all, it was kind of my fault she was in such a predicament. She saw my Tropical Quilt UFO and was inspired to make a scenic quilt that had been piecing itself together in her head. Now she just needed the fabric to make it reality. Who was I to quash creativity in another? To seal the deal, she even played on my weakness for Skinny Dip, the frozen yogurt shop. That girl knows me too well.

She got Southern Strawberry and Birthday Cake, I got French Vanilla Coffee with a swirl of Hershey’s chocolate. Mmmmmmm

What’s your favorite way to spend a Saturday?