My New Pet Bunny

I LOVE BUNNIES! I’d prefer the REAL thing, but this will have to suffice for now.

Saturday, Suzicate and I attended a quilt show. Rather than carry my larger camera, I opted to use my cell phone as a camera instead. More about that, later. Four hours into our expedition, our tummies were grumbling and various other body parts (backs and knees, mainly) started to voice their displeasure, as well. We stopped dawdling and increased our pace through the remaining aisles. It had been predetermined that lunch would be eaten off-site this year.

After lunch, we headed home, where in my nescience, I proceeded to download the pictures from my phone to the laptop…and lost half of them! Seeing that the waterproof wristband was still intact, I decided to return Sunday with my Panasonic DMC-FZ5 to try again.

On this trip, I started where we had ended the previous day, and walked the aisles in the opposite direction. It was surprising to see how much I’d missed on Saturday – I didn’t remember seeing the booth with the bunny AT ALL. Trust me, I don’t miss many bunnies; and as you can see, they tend to follow me home.

The vendor drew my attention to his website, here, where you can find chenille sheep and snowmen, too! (Just in case you NEED one of these items). This bunny is very well-behaved, does not gnaw the furniture or electric cords.

But it’s not nearly as snuggly as my sweet Dust Bunny was.