Random 5 Friday

Random 5 Friday, where we share five things about our lives. Join us!

1. This week I moved things around in my sewing room to make the space a bit more usable. (Like boxes of kitchen ceiling tile that’s been hogging a corner.) They got moved OUT. There’s still a lot to sort/donate, but more of the floor is visible. That’s a good feeling.

2. I usually make my own greeting cards, but I bought hubby’s valentine today. On Valentine’s Day. Yes, I was in the store at the last minute. And I was not alone!

3. The weather app forecast for today’s high was 52F. It got above 60! I hope this trend continues. We’ll be heading for our daughter’s this weekend, she got six inches of snow this week. It’s a good thing I like her so much.

4. We get to celebrate three of the grandkid’s January birthdays. Just a little late.

5. Let me see if I can find you a nice mermaid for today:

Norfolk Mermaids on Parade

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Monday and More Pastel

I can’t seem to get Monday posts prepared on the weekend lately, so they will be arriving later in the morning. 

Saturday was the funeral of the husband of a very dear friend. It was a beautiful service. During the power-point presentation of family photos, they played the most beautiful song, one I had not heard. I thought it was Faith Hill’s voice, and Googled one of the lyrics when I got home. You may be familiar with, “There You’ll Be.” If not, you can listen to it via YouTube. It was the theme song from the movie “Pearl Harbor.” The hit single came out in 2001. 

Later in the day, Suzicate and I hit the local fabric stores. She got a new sewing machine recently, and mine got a tune-up this past week. We are ready to do some stitching!

Hubby was busy with the “indoor” plumbing and turned off the water supply. Certainly, I couldn’t stay home without running water! Well, I thought it was a good excuse, anyway. 

Sunday was church, a game of Mexican Train dominoes with hubby, and then there was this football game…The Super Bowl. That’s the final play-off game of American football, for anyone not familiar with it. No more games until August, so that should free up some time on the weekends.

And this is my latest pastel exercise. Deep autumn colors were worked with the side of the pastel in short strokes, followed by short strokes of lighter colors made with the edge of the pastel. The base is Steel Gray Canson Mi-Teintes Pastel paper.Pastels 003

Wednesday, Where Did You Go?

I’ve been cutting, marking, sewing, ripping…(only a wee bit of the latter). I LOVE my electric scissors. I gave up sewing for quite awhile as cutting with regular scissors aggravated the myofascial pain. It’s good to be able to work with fabric again. 

I finally got to use the new dishwasher this week! Poor hubby had to do the army crawl under the house (a few times) to run the new drain. Then he changed the water inlet pipes and did some electrical wiring. This might be my favorite feature:

This is the cutlery tray that slides in and out above the top rack–no more basket! 

I’d better get back to the sewing machine, or go to bed…
Have a great Thursday! 

River of Stones, Jan.12

Yesterday’s post stirred memories for many of you who had someone close who sewed for you. While the pot was being stirred, many more memories arose for me, as well. One, I remember a quilting bee in my maternal grandmother’s kitchen. This is where several friends gathered to do the hand quilting of the pieced and layered quilts. Another memory, every year for Christmas my mom would make a flannel shirt for all the men and boys in the family; and my dolls got new dresses. 

Along with all the warm fuzzies, some of the not-so-fond memories appeared. I remember early lessons in patience as I watched Mom shop for all those fabrics at McCrory and G.C. Murphy Co., two five-and-dime stores on Main Street in town, and the endless measuring and cutting, folding and bagging. Mom didn’t drive, so Dad would usually drop us off in town on his way to work at the coal mine when he worked the afternoon shift; then we’d take a cab home. 

Sixth grade brought lessons in humility. I was the only girl in class whose mother made her dresses. Oh, how I wanted a store-bought dress! It didn’t help that one girl made a point of informing everyone of the fact, and how she could tell mine were homemade. Mom tried to comfort me by telling me the girl only did that out of jealousy, for her mother didn’t sew. It didn’t help much. In the not-too-distant past, homemade was changed to handmade, giving these items the value they deserve. 


Hubby is off for the weekend to visit his parents, and this brings me to today’s small stone. 

The little black car pulled out and onto the street , leaving an empty spot in both the driveway, and my heart. 

Butterfly Fabric

Sorry, I’m late posting this morning. I started to clean off the cutting table, and found the fabrics I bought at the quilt show. Then I had to find the iron; and realized the camera had been left in the car…

So, without further delay, I present the first one.

A closer view:

Closer still:

I don’t suppose you’re scratching your head, wondering what made me buy this.

Hmmm. Mixed media comes to mind. I may have to cut out the butterflies, quilt them, and pose them around the backyard until the real thing gets here. Now there’s a thought! I can make flowers for them, too! 😉

I have another fabric to show you, but that will have to wait until next week. Have a great weekend!