Monday Randomness

I enjoy reading the random posts some of you are doing, so today I’ll share one.

1. Here’s our gray squirrel with the strawberry-blonde tail. The squirrels haven’t gotten much attention since the flowers bloomed and baby birds showed up. 

2. Hubby had a three-day weekend since Independence Day (July 4) fell on Friday this year. To celebrate, we shifted furniture in the living room, removed the room-size berber rug, and are now looking at the (somewhat rough) wood floor again. Vast improvement–in my opinion. Sunday, we went to the La-Z-Boy (furniture) shop to look around; then we saw Jersey Boys.

3.  The robin abandoned its nest beside the garage door. I guess it tired of hubby opening and closing it twice a day. 

4. This is what the lovely oleander looks like after the bitter winter we had. Several of these provide “curb appeal” around a service station that closed. I would really like to take the pruning shears to them, as there appears to be new growth at the bottom. 

5. Some of you may have seen this on my Facebook page. It looks like we need to get a new door or replacement glass. There’s a perfectly round “dot” on the wood door where paint was knocked off–possibly from a BB or pellet.

And just look at that gorgeous blue sky! Two days earlier we had a visit from Hurricane Arthur, complete with a tornado warning for our vicinity. Thankfully, only a few trees and power lines were damaged.

How did you spend your weekend?