Friday’s Hunt v1.11 and Today’s Flowers #390

Friday’s Hunt
Today’s Flowers

This week we are hunting for things that start with K, Week’s Favorite, and Flower.

K: Having fun on Uncle Mark’s kart 


My favorite for this week is a Ring-billed Gull balancing on a light fixture.

Week’s Favorite

The flower (Camellia) was found on a walk in one of the city parks. 

Flower - Camellia
Flower – Camellia

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Trouble Afoot

Trouble Afoot

After my car’s oil change, I realized I wasn’t far from Ocean View city park in Norfolk. This is an area undergoing massive redevelopment along the shore of Chesapeake Bay. It has a history of crime, and the city is working hard to remove that scar from its body. Sadly, many citizens are displaced, no longer able to afford housing in that area. 

I shouldn’t have been surprised when a scuffle ensued. 

Apparently, a Ring-billed Gull ventured onto American Crow turf. The squawking could be heard over the entire park.

A European Starling served as referee of this tag-team match. The gull was undeniably outnumbered.

Back-up arrived, created a diversion…


…and the gull made its escape…


…and I got to practice birds-in-flight photography!

Tuesday Note

Popping in to say hi! I have a devotional due Wednesday and it’s taking longer than expected. I should get back to my normal blog-reading and visiting schedule once that’s done. I miss you and look forward to catching up. I hope the weather is being nice to you, wherever you are. We got an inch of snow that caused a few delays this morning, but it’s mostly gone now. Hugs!

Thank you for the words I'm about to write...
Thank you for the words I’m about to write…

Wild Bird Wednesday 87–Ring-Billed Gull

The Ring-billed Gulls struggled to find food during the recent snow days, especially when fast-food restaurants were closed and people weren’t tossing them French fries. I made a crumbly peanut butter and cornmeal-based mixture and sprinkled it on the snow.

Ring-billed Gull juvenile
Ring-billed Gull juvenile
Possibly a second-year still showing speckling on its head
A few family members and friends
A few family members and friends

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Wild Bird Wednesday–More Fun with Seagulls

Time once again for Wild Bird Wednesday!

Another storm front is moving through this week. The Ring-billed Gulls are still searching for food. One saw me filling feeders today and called my name. Well, actually it sounded more like a cat’s meow.

Ring-billed Gull
Ring-billed Gull

I told it I’d find something for it to eat. Not having time to bake crackers like their last visit, I mixed a crumbly bowl of peanut butter, shortening, cornmeal, flour and cracked corn to sprinkle on the ground.

backyard2014 040
It had invited about 50 of its closest friends in the meantime.

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