1957 Chevy for Memory Monday

Last week I was invited to participate in the Memory Monday meme on Sandy’s Space.  Hubby worked Saturday, so I picked him up and took him to lunch. On my way back home, I saw this shiny red car on the interstate, a 1957 Chevrolet.1957 Chevy

Right then, I knew what I would post for Memory Monday

The only NEW car my dad ever owned was a green ’57 Chevy, 4-door. I was around the age of two when he got it; it showed up in the background of a lot of family photos over the years. 

Some Sunday afternoons, it took us to my maternal grandparent’s house where we met up with aunts, uncles, and cousins for dinner. It would usually be late when we returned home, and often I would fall asleep in the back seat. I always awoke to the whine of the transmission when dad would downshift at our turn-off of Rt. 250. 

Then there were Sunday drives. Dad and Mom in the front seat, my youngest brother and I in the back. He  sat behind Dad, who always drove, and I sat behind Mom who never learned to drive. If anyone else ever rode with us, I got stuck in the middle, with my feet on the *hump. 

In the summer, the Chevy took us to drive-in movies. One time, an elderly neighbor went with us. She said she’d bring the popcorn, and did she ever! She filled kraft-paper grocery bags with it. 

After graduating from high school, my brother joined the Army. When he had leave, the Chevy would pick him up, or take him to a drop-off point,  where he would hitchhike back to Fort Eustis. 

We lived in West Virginia, so there was lots of snow and ice in the winter, and lots of road salt. Road salt isn’t kind to the metal body parts of a car. Some started to rust, but Dad would patch, patch, patch. The summer I was a rising senior in high school, Dad drove us to Virginia Beach to visit my two older brothers who were in the Navy. There had been a lot of rain; Richmond was flooded. I’m thinking it was from the remnants of a hurricane. I remember my feet getting wet, and Dad was surprised to find a puddle inside the car. When we returned home, he removed the rear seat and exclaimed, “There was a hole back there big enough to put a cow through!” 

Thanks, Sandy, for inviting me to join in Memory Mondayand giving me one more trip down memory lane in the old ’57 Chevy.

*The “hump” was a raised area the length of the floor of the car that straddled the drive line.


U.S. East Coast Earthquake August 23, 2011


If you saw the news yesterday, you already know we had an earthquake, magnitude 5.8, on the east coast of the U.S. This is very unusual for this side of the continent. It was 1897 the last time this area had one this strong.

And no, I wasn’t here for that one.

The epicenter was approximately 140 miles from where we live. 

I was sitting at the kitchen table when I noticed a swaying sensation. The hard-anodized cookware hanging on the pot rack clanged together, mimicking the sound of heavy wind chimes. Next, I heard water splashing in the kitchen sink. Earlier in the day, I’d left a baking dish to soak; the water was sloshing out of it.

We live in a high traffic area, and it is not unusual for a heavy vehicle to cause the house to shake, but not for this length of time. I wondered if this is what an earthquake feels like.

I peered out the window in the front door, not quite knowing what I expected to see. The chiming noise from the pans was slowing as I turned to a local tv station to see if there was any mention of this phenomenon. They confirmed it was an earthquake.

I returned to my computer and logged onto Facebook. This was big news to share! Status updates were coming in from all around Virginia asking if anyone else felt it. It was surprising to learn that people as far north as Canada experienced the shaking.

Cell phone service was intermittent, and it took three tries before I was able to connect with hubby at work. 

The nuclear power plant in the vicinity of the quake safely shut down. That was a big concern for a lot of residents in light of Japan’s recent tragedy. 

We are safe and sound in this area at the present time.
There is a possibility of Hurricane Irene visiting this weekend, but I hope she changes her mind and vacations elsewhere.