Rainy Day Monday

I had the bright idea to get up this morning and shoot macros around the yard for the Macro memes. I also had the bright idea to go to the rec center…until the NOAA Weather Radio blared a Flood Warning message. 

If I wait a little longer, I can swim in the backyard.
I couldn’t find a “flood” setting on my camera.

The last time I went out during such a downpour, our street flooded and I couldn’t get home. That was frustrating, because I had so many things I wanted to do around the house. 


The rain didn't keep by buddies from stopping by for lunch.
The rain didn’t keep my buddies from stopping by for lunch.


I hope you’re safe and dry.

Safety reminder: Don’t drive through deep water–it’s not good for your car, and sometimes, the road has washed out. Don’t take a chance. 




We Got Rain!

Saturday began rather sunny, until the fluffy white clouds were replaced with some of a darker hue. They thundered, and tried to brighten the sky with lightning, but it just wasn’t the same. 

My paper-crafting room continues to be a work in progress. The wireless printer displaced some items when it came to live with us, and those items took up residence on the floor. Friday, I cleared the rest of the shelf and hubby moved the paper organizer from the upstairs desk to the now-vacant space next to the printer. (The link shows a similar item). 

So, it was a good day to work inside, and it wasn’t long before inspiration hit. This is the result: 

The die-cut mat paper is from K&Company, the rubber stamp is from Hampton Art.

I think more rainy days are needed!


We got rain today! It wasn’t much, and most of it turned to steam on the hot parking lots. House sparrows were eager to take advantage of a small puddle that formed. Sorry for low picture quality, I only had my phone/camera with me. 

Rub a dub dub, three birds in a tub.

A Taste of Home

Raindrops splashing by Patti Jarrett

The sky bellowed for quite some time this afternoon before the pattering of raindrops could be heard on the roof.  I had begun to think it was only teasing. Peering out, the drops were so large, it reminded me of hail. Cracking the storm door to take a closer look, I caught a whiff of freshness in the air that hadn’t been present when I dashed out to close the car windows earlier. Immediately I was whisked into the past, to a large covered porch where Dad and I would sit and watch the rain fall and lightning blaze across the sky. Many miles from my present home, the scent was the same, steam rising from the baked earth and pavement, creating a feast for the senses. I devoured it once more.

Scattered Showers–So What?

Once again, the forecast for our area includes the term, “scattered showers.” The best way to summarize this is, “if I don’t water the garden, it won’t rain, and if I do water, then it will.”  I spent some time this morning watering our new plants, and watched dark clouds move in as I finished. It wasn’t long before the clouds released a nice downpour, but that’s ok. I only watered lightly, enough to keep them from wilting for another day, but hoped the act of actually traipsing around the yard with the hose would trigger precipitation. 😉

Normally, I would be a bit peeved at this forecast. I guess I don’t like uncertainty. Should I run errands, or not; take the umbrella, or not; wear the raincoat, or not; sandals, or closed shoes?

Today, that seems so trivial.

Seeing the devastation wrought by tornadoes on our nation recently, I am thankful “tornado watch or warning” is NOT included in our forecast. I’m thankful for early warning systems that are in place for areas well trafficked by them, and for technological advancements available to meteorologists to “see” what’s coming. I’m thankful for the sheltered areas, built as a precaution. And I’m thankful to be part of a great nation of people who give so much in monetary and physical ways to reach out to those who are/were unfortunate to be in the path of a deadly storm.

God, bless America. Amen.