Look What I Have!

Look What I Have!

Happy dance! I hadn’t seen a bunny in our yard in FOREVER! 

Cuteness Overload!

I finally have help with the weeding.

Munch munch munch

I know, Little Bun, weeding makes me tired, too. You are welcome to rest there as long as you like. 

Monday’s Musings, Birds and Bunny

I’ve been away since late last week. I regained my hour of lost sleep from last spring’s change to Daylight Savings Time. I looked at my kitchen calendar this evening and realized I’d fallen back a whole month–it still showed October. Who wouldn’t like to have an extra month this time of year?

Thought I’d share some photos today. Hovering over a photo will bring up the caption, clicking on a photo will start a slide show.

Have a great week!

This and That, Thursday

The Hampton Roads Writers Conference starts this evening and runs through Saturday. It’s being held ten minutes from my house–very convenient. Friday is a long day, check-in 8-8:30 a.m.; the last session ends at 5:00 p.m.; followed by the Mix and Mingle Social, which I won’t be attending. I’m just going to learn what I can, not looking for an agent. 

Went for a walk last evening. The sky was gorgeous. 042048As the sun set in the west, the Harvest moon was rising in the east. 055A post isn’t complete without a bunny.004Blogging time will be limited the next couple of days, but I’ll visit when I can.
The End.047

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Thumper on Thursday

Our neighbor found a flat tire on his car this morning, so I drove him to the tire shop to see if it could be repaired. I started a quick post on my iPhone, but that only allowed one photo. By the time I found the other way to create a post, it was time to come home. 

It’s Thursday, I have a lunch date with hubby, and a few minutes to spare beforehand. 

Asiatic lily foliaged
Asiatic lily foliaged
Asiatic lily unfoliaged
Asiatic lily unfoliaged
The suspect
The suspect

Hope you’re having a great day!

Bunny Time

Feeding the birds, turned to go back in the house--only to find the door being guarded.
Feeding the birds, turned to go back in the house–only to find the door being guarded.
I walked to the patio adjacent to the door, bunny seemed unfazed.
I walked to the patio adjacent to the door, bunny seemed unfazed.
Just munching along...
Just munching along…
Did you say something?
Did you say something?
Is this my good side?
Is this my good side?
I'll be on my way...
I’ll be on my way…
...just one more nibble
…just one more nibble

I was glad to have my iPhone 4s in my pocket. One never knows when  a bunny might show up. Hubby said he saw a smaller one in the yard when he wheeled the trash to the curb. I’ll be on the lookout!







Random 5 Friday

My blogging schedule has been quite erratic this week. It’s already time for Random 5 Friday! This is where we (yes, that includes you!) share about ourselves, our day, our kids, pets, whatever comes to mind. Why don’t you join us at A Rural Journal?

1. I awoke BEFORE my alarm this morning, after about five hours sleep. A miracle, I tell ya! 

2. Hubby’s making a quick weekend trip to visit his parents.

3. I had Skinny Dip  frozen yogurt for dinner–fresh banana slices, peanut butter froyo, topped with a drizzle of Hershey’s chocolate syrup and chopped peanuts.

4.  I stopped in Barnes & Noble (booksellers) on the way home. I could live in that bookstore. Their furniture is cushy, and someone else does the vacuuming– and cleans the restroom, come to think of it. (Sounding better all the time, right?) I purchased a 2014 weekly planner, and one of the Chicken Soup for the Soul” books: inspiration for Writers, 101 Motivational Stories for Writers–Budding or Bestselling–from Books to Blogs.

5. Here are a couple of my backyard buddies.

Gray squirrel and baby bunny
Gray squirrel and baby bunny

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