Thankful Thursday–Aunt Nel

Aunt Nel

May 25, 1919-July 30, 2014

I’m thankful for the 95 years my mother’s sister, Aunt Nel, had to live her very full life. She was a traditional quilter-extraordinaire. She would never have called herself that, but her handwork proclaimed it. She once joked she couldn’t die yet, she had a quilt to finish.

Mom had never learned to drive, so it was Aunt Nel who took us places–like Trash ‘n’ Treasures–oh, those two were always scouting out places, looking for antique glassware. And fabric stores. I was glad when my cousin, Kathy, went along. At least we could talk to each other while our moms were in their own little world.

I remember Aunt Nel smiling as she told how they tried to pick wet toilet tissue off the shrubs after their house was rolled–and then it rained. I don’t think anything ever upset her.

She always welcomed us into her home whenever we were in town, even when “we” were a group of nine and filled her living room to overflowing.

I will miss her soft, pleasant voice, her dainty sneezes, and most of all, her warm hugs. Thanks for the memories.

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Linda James’ “Ascent to the Stars” Quilt

I see from some of your posts that many of you are still having snow, hail, and all kinds of bone-chilling weather. Today, I offer you another quilt to help keep you warm. 

This one is by Linda James of North Carolina. Love her selection of colors.

Ascent to the Stars by Linda James
Ascent to the Stars by Linda James
Stitching detail
Stitching detail

Thanks for stopping by to look. I hope spring arrives for you SOON.

A warm blanket reminds me of my last trip to our daughter’s. Baby Z was ready for her nap and made her requests known. “Blue blanket. Dryer. Warm.” I think she has her big sister trained. Or her big sister has her spoiled. 

Quilt Show Weekend–Part 1

Mid-Atlantic Quilt Festival XXIV was held this past weekend. The first time I attended this show, it was almost overwhelming.

There are vendor booths decorated with quilts and stuffed with fabrics, fibers, threads and notions, cutting tools, sewing and quilting machines–everything a quilter could ever need. Classes are taught throughout the festival days, sign-up ahead of time is required. And then there are quilts on display of every shape and size that travel with the show. I can’t imagine the work it takes to set up, tear down, pack it up and move to another city, several times a year. 

I’ll share some of my favorites here on the blog over the next few weeks. Here is the calendar of events for 2013, maybe there is a show near you! 

Today I’m featuring, “Euphoria,” created by Marilyn Badger.

Euphoria, 84"x84" by Marilyn Badger
Euphoria, 84″x84″ by Marilyn Badger
Center Detail
Center Detail

As you can see, there are an untold number of tiny fabric pieces sewn together, then quilted with all kinds of decorative stitch patterns. I can not imagine how long it took to create this beautiful quilt.

Marilyn was very kind to share this information with me regarding the creation of this quilt:

“It is an original design I made up as I went. Jacqueline De Jong’s “Circle of Life” quilt was the inspiration for the center. I used SewBatik gradated fabric for the center and outer borders, as well as a piece of hand-dyed cotton sateen. It is paper pieced with appliqued pieced flowers that are my design and original quilting designs that were stitched 3 times to make them show up better. 100wt silk thread was used for all the fine filler quilting. It is trimmed with over 2,000 hand-sewn beads and jewelry findings are sewn to the centers of all the stars. It took 9 months to make and has won Best of Show at AQS Des Moines, Best of Show at MQX East, 2 1st Place awards at APNQ and Road to California, Merit Machine Quilting Award at APNQ, Best Solitaire quilt at HMQS and now 2nd at Mid-Atlantic.”



Favorite Quilt-Bird in Paradise

There were 800 beautiful quilts displayed at the weekend quilt show, showing fantastic design and stitching skills. This was my personal favorite (must be that “bird thing” I have). 🙂 Click on picture to enlarge for a peek at the details.

This work of art was created by Laura Cunningham. I love the lacy feathers she made, and the 3D texture throughout the piece. It measures 29″ W by 49″ H. Oh, how I would have loved to watch over her shoulder as she poured her heart into the creation of this gorgeous quilt.