Wednesday with Words

I went out to work in the garden recently, but my helpers got there first. I did clean up one end of the bed, then thought I’d reclaim the yarrow that had gotten lost in a sea of wildflowers. I ran into the helper at the bottom the page (SPIDER ALERT). 

So, I moved to the other end of the bed–and found a Praying Mantis busily tending that section. I went for my iPhone, snapped their pictures, and called it a day. 

In other backyard news, as I waited to pull out of the driveway today, I saw something in the road–as in something that had gotten run over. It was our wee opossum. 

I drove to Lake Lawson Lake Smith park to walk, and found the gate closed. They’ve been doing some upgrades, and it should be open tomorrow. Since I was out, wearing shoes and camera in tow, I thought I’d go to the botanical garden to walk. Upon checking the down-sized wallet, the card wasn’t with me. So, here I am at home, and will soon spend some time with the treadmill. I hope you have a lovely evening!  

Praying Mantis

Yellow Garden Spider


Oddities and Observations

I looked through the folder of backyard pictures from 2009, and found some photos to share with you. The first category is oddities, things that make you go, “Hmmmmm.” These are things I’ve seen only once.

A laptop and Wi-Fi, enabled me to commune with nature. This praying mantis provided a close-up experience.


OK, who left this on the feeder? I thought maybe my niece was playing a joke on me.
One morning I awoke to find the feeder turned upside down. I figured the pigeons had gotten rowdy when breakfast was late.


The second category  is observations. It’s like time stands still.  Some things never change. 

Starlings can always be found at the community pool.
Pigeons can always be found at the community pool.
Smile, you're on Candid Camera!