Friday Fictioneers–11 July 2014


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Copyright–Kelly Sands

The Final Battle

As the residents slept peacefully in their beds, an angry war raged in the sky overhead.

Sides were chosen, weapons drawn.  A fight to the finish, once and for all.

The winds confronted one another, a rumbling thunder rent asunder by bold flashes of cutting edges.

The sky darkened as the tempest roared, the sound of hooves could now be heard. On the horizon war horses appeared, the day arrived that all had feared.

The final battle, night versus day: Moon and Stars, held at bay.

When smoke cleared, none were left to tell the tale of that fateful day.


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Friday Fictioneers–23 August 2013

Copyright-- Claire Fuller
Copyright– Claire Fuller

Last Rites

The diagnosis came, “It’s terminal,” the doctor said. The words hit hard, but deep inside, we knew. We had watched her fade after multiple surgeries to remove diseased parts. Braces could no longer support her weakened limbs; the loss of balance and stability, the decrease in body mass–a harbinger of things to come. The once-strong arms couldn’t provide the shelter and security of their younger days. Her presence had become a liability.  Who knew when she might fall? Then what would we do? It was decided, she would spend her final days at the Laguna Beach Sawdust Art Festival. 

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Feel free to cut
Feel free to cut