Friday’s Hunt v2.27

Friday’s Hunt

Happy New Year! We tied a big bow on 2016 and packed it away; looking forward with anticipation as we open 2017 to see what it has in store for us. Blessings to you! 

Prompts this week: Starts with any letter, Week’s Favorite, and Celebrate

I couldn’t pick just one letter, so here are several on a sign we saw on Hilton Head Island.

Week’s Favorite: Lunch at Panera–Bistro French Onion Soup and Green Goddess Cobb Salad

Celebrate: We celebrated Kai-Le’s birthday (11) a few days before Christmas; she loves to bake.

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Friday’s Hunt v2.17

Friday’s Hunt

This week the hunt is on for Starts with Q, Week’s Favorite, and Fall or Spring

This is part of a quilt I saw at MAQF 2016. I wish I’d gotten the artist information.

Breakfast at my favorite place, Panera Bread.

Fall, one of my favorite fall photos from Norfolk Botanical Garden.

Japanese Garden at Norfolk Botanical Garden

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Random Catch-up

Random Catch-up

Tis the season to be busy! Here’s the random catch-up that I didn’t get to on Friday. 

1. They weren’t kidding when they described the days of fall and winter as “short.” I think more is missing than just daylight!

2. Saturday brought a beautiful day–perfect for cleaning up the yard and garden. No jackets needed, it is a wonderful memory!  And then…Sunday came with the gift of rain and a chill in the air.  Today the sun warms and brightens, inviting one to come out and play. Do not be fooled by it! The winds that howled all night still blow, just not as loud. And it’s 40 F, instead of 60. (sniffle)

3. The number of flowers still in bloom surprised me (once I cleared out the dead and decaying bits from the wildflower garden). The lorapetalum blooms now, too. 

4. Hubby aggravated his back last month preparing for the new HVAC installation. With that, and the loss of a member of his team at work, he hasn’t been able to accomplish much around the house. Much to my delight, he put my desk back together Sunday, and assembled the new chair. A clean desktop inspires me. 

5. When I got the mail (inundated with sale flyers) this morning, a cold gust hit me squarely in the face. Reality set in. I pulled the summer tops and shorts from the closet and replaced them with sweaters and long pants. On the bright side, birds are busy at the feeders! Yellow-rumped Warblers once again contend for rights to the peanut butter, a Tufted Titmouse stops by more often for peanuts, a pair of White-throated Sparrows brings the promise that more are on their way. Maybe autumn isn’t so bad after all. Did I mention Panera Bread has Holiday Bread this season? (Click the link for a peek.)

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Good Fences #8 and Randomness

Happy Friday!

I feel ‘out of the loop’ and so behind on blogging. Last week I was away four days, and am returning to my daughter’s later this month. Today seems a good day to sit and chat with you. 

1. First up: Here’s my Good Fence for this week.

This was shot in “drive by” mode with my cell phone. The road wasn’t very busy, traffic-wise, so I could slow down. I turned around a couple of times, trying to get a good vantage point– and traffic to cooperate–as there was nowhere to pull off. Happily, the fence went on for a LONG way and with cropping and leveling, I can share it with you. Composition is somewhat lacking, but it’s all about the fence!

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2. I packed work-out wear for my trip to Suzanne’s, but never took it out of the suitcase. It’s a struggle getting back to my routine.

3. Hubby is off this weekend to visit his dad and take care of some business there.  I missed our Panera Bread lunch last week, so Monday, I went to Eddie Bauer (30%-off day) then met Hubby for lunch. Tuesday was trigger point therapy, a meeting at church that evening–followed by grocery shopping. (9:00 p.m.–I practically had the store to myself–I kept wondering if they were really open!) Wednesday, I met a friend for lunch, ran errands, and did laundry. Thursday morning, more errands for Hubby while he packed, we had brunch, and off he went.

4. Piled next to my chair, there WAS a stack of papers from my large writer’s group notebook, new binders to file them in, books to be read, magazines with dog-eared pages to read “when I had more time…” It is no longer a stack, they are now spread out in three rows in the middle of the living room floor. I worked on it until 5:00 a.m. Caffeine is a wonderful thing!

5. All photos are transferred to my new computer, and last evening I spent several hours going through four years of email saved for “future reference.” Apparently, it’s The Future.  Some were forwarded to my new email account, some printed, many deleted. The later it got, the more deletions.

That’s probably enough Randomness for today. I’ve missed you SO MUCH! I’m trying to visit your blogs, but I’d appreciate if you’d share what you’ve been up to (and what I’m missing out on) in the comments below. I look forward to hearing from you.


Random 5 Friday

Nancy at a Rural Journal hosts Random 5 Friday each week. Here are my random thoughts for today:

  • Our female Painted Bunting is still visiting, after all. She’s been checking out the different feeders, reminds me of Goldilocks. As you can tell, I’m still experimenting with white balance for a snowy background.

    Female Painted Bunting
  • Met my hubby for lunch today at Panera Bread. They have several new items on the menu. I tried the Winter Power Salad, hubby had Chicken Sorrentina Pasta, both with soup. We would have those again. We also shared an Apple Crunch Muffin–YUM!
  • Our area is holding an E-cycling event tomorrow. Household hazardous waste and electronic items will be collected in the Virginia Aquarium parking lot from 10-2:00 (for locals who haven’t heard). More information is available at
  • I started writing Morning Pages again this week. That’s three pages of handwritten stream-of-consciousness brain dump, first thing in the morning.
  • Here’s another mermaid for you, this is one of my favorites:
    Mermaid on Parade–from the back
    Head shot close-up

    Links in blue will open a new browser window.

Random 5 Friday

I can not believe it is time for Random 5 Friday again.  Where has the week gone? Here comes the randomness that is found in my brain. You have been warned.

1. We’ve been enjoying rain every day since Monday, and it is forecast to be with us a few more days. I use the term ‘enjoying’ loosely. It wasn’t as enjoyable when I had to get groceries yesterday. The gray days do lend the feeling of autumn, though temps are still 60s-70s.

2. That autumn feeling has rekindled my desire for hot tea. I just made a mug of Mint Medley herbal tea and it smells so good.  This morning I had Vanilla Caramel. Do you like to try new tea flavors?

3. Thursday is ‘lunch with hubby’ day. We went to Panera, which is a favorite. I had the Chicken Cobb with Avocado salad and Broccoli Cheddar soup. Yes, soup is sounding good again, too.

4. I didn’t finish this post last night, so it’s a new day. There is Stash (brand) Holiday Chai in my teacup now. This may be my favorite tea. I made some more pages in my mini scrapbook.backyard 2013 016

backyard 2013 015

5. I found an older photo of another Norfolk mermaid taken during OpSail last year. Good thing, because the rainy weather hasn’t been good for mermaid hunting.

Mermaids on Parade, Norfolk
Mermaids on Parade, Norfolk

That’s the end of my Random 5 Friday post. Have a great weekend!


New Visitor–Cedar Waxwing

The weekend started off well. Hubby and I celebrated our 37th anniversary this past week, and Saturday morning he spoke those three little words that make me swoon, “Breakfast at Panera?”

Saturday afternoon, the backyard came alive! Robins and starlings returned en masse, with a few grackles and a brand new visitor. I thought I caught a glimpse of a cedar waxwing, but it quickly left me to my doubts. I’ve seen crepe myrtle trees full of them, eating berries, but never a single bird, and never in our yard. 

Much to my surprise, when I downloaded the photos, there it was! 

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