Friday’s Hunt v2.3

Friday’s Hunt

This week we are looking for things that start with C, week’s favorite, and unique perspective.

The juvenile Osprey awaiting dinner at sunset is my unique perspective.

Osprey juvenile

Here’s my recently-created Cozy Corner, with a chair that rocks and swivels. I have more items to add to the shelves. 

My favorite this week is another visit from the Monarch Butterfly. I’m glad it came to the bird-feeder pole so I could get a better shot than last week. I don’t know what it hoped to find there, so I assume it stopped by for the photo op. 

Monarch butterfly

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Five Photos, Five Stories–Day Three

Five Photos, Five Stories–Day Three

Osprey Juvenile

This is one of few pictures I took with my camera on Friday’s hike. I switched from my camera bag to my backpack, but forgot to pack the backup battery! I’d gone barely a mile when I got the memo: Battery Exhausted. That’s not likely to be a mistake I’ll make again. I think I need a do over on this trail. 

Today I nominate Sandra, the Mad Snapper, to join the fun with Five Photos, Five Stories.

The rules:  1) To post a photo a day for five consecutive days and attach a story to the photo.  It can be fiction or non-fiction, a poem or a short paragraph. And 2) each day, nominate another blogger for the challenge.