Friday’s Hunt

Friday’s Hunt

This week we’re looking for something that starts with J, week’s favorite photo, and a cuppa.

Japanese Garden at Norfolk Botanical Garden


A favorite photo from this week is a quilt I saw at the Mid-Atlantic Quilt Festival.


And here’s a huge cuppa found when we were strolling Fredericksburg’s Old Town.

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Random 5 Friday–the Monday-after version

Random 5 Friday

1. Plans are made to be changed–at least that’s what I’ve heard. We intended to drive to our daughter’s Friday evening, but things got moved around during the week, so we aimed for Saturday morning–which came and went. It’s amazing how many delays one can experience in a short amount of time. Finally, at 3:30 Saturday afternoon, we were on our way. Did I mention it rained? 

2. Sunday turned out to be warm and sunny, so we filled two SUVs with people and headed for Old Town Fredericksburg. 

3. We found evidence spring is near!

4. Some had ice cream, 

and I saw a horse-drawn carriage. (This one’s for you, Dianna K.)


No Loitering–what a rebel!

5. Today, I discovered redbud trees in bloom in our area!

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Apothecary Shop

My mind is a bit muddled today, so I’m going to post the last of the pictures from our visit to Old Town.

This is the sign in front of the building.

This is the sign in the window of the entrance.

Don’t you feel better already? I know I did!

This door is on the opposite end of the building from the entrance, but I thought it had a lot of character.

Along the side of and behind the building were the healing gardens. Many of the plants used for medicinal purposes are still grown there. It is an English-type squared garden, with walkways throughout, and white picket fencing to protect the vegetation. There are signs identifying the plants, and describing their healing properties. We had a good laugh from some of those; especially when I found one that was good for earaches, of which my son-in-law was suffering. It would also take care of his “old ulcers, bloody flux,” and I don’t remember what else. I’m sure it would have cured whatever ailed him. 😉

This concludes our weekend tour. Thanks again for coming along with me.

Easter Weekend and Old Town

We spent the weekend with our daughter and family. Saturday was such a lovely day, we escaped the confines of the house and ventured to Old Town for a stroll through a bit of the past, mingled with the present.

Old Town is a lovely area with historic architecture, showcasing lots of antique shops, restaurants, specialty stores and boutiques.

As dinnertime approached, we were enticed by signs like this.

And how could we resist the quaint entrance?

We stepped inside and found an organic market and eatery. Several menu items were tempting, but a bit pricey for a party of ten.

Another great entrance.

And the grandchildren liked this:

Thanks for tagging along! I have a few more pictures to post this week. Do you know any great places to explore? Please share.