Trouble Afoot

Trouble Afoot

After my car’s oil change, I realized I wasn’t far from Ocean View city park in Norfolk. This is an area undergoing massive redevelopment along the shore of Chesapeake Bay. It has a history of crime, and the city is working hard to remove that scar from its body. Sadly, many citizens are displaced, no longer able to afford housing in that area. 

I shouldn’t have been surprised when a scuffle ensued. 

Apparently, a Ring-billed Gull ventured onto American Crow turf. The squawking could be heard over the entire park.

A European Starling served as referee of this tag-team match. The gull was undeniably outnumbered.

Back-up arrived, created a diversion…


…and the gull made its escape…


…and I got to practice birds-in-flight photography!