Random Five

Random Five

I have so much to share, I hope five is enough. 

1. Horses! (Now that I have your attention…)
More photos from our backroads adventure to the writing retreat:

Nice barn


A peek inside

2. Coming home, one of my writing friends said she was up for a ride-along. She said I could stop for pictures if we could visit a yarn shop on the way home. We used Google to see what was in the area, and yes, there was one on our way. She was not prepared for what we found–out in the middle of nowhere. I’ll share more about the Yarn Barn on another post.

A different kind of barn

3. I’m so happy to have a zoom feature on my Nikon Coolpix P600. On a walk with another friend, I thought I could make out animal shapes in the shade of a tree–that or the tree had a lot of “legs.” I zoomed in to see what was there.

Mule, donkey, hinny, other? Y’all know I’m a city girl, right?

4. Here’s a shot from the bridge near the retreat in the bright mid-afternoon sun:

5. Several bloggers have been showing off their hummingbirds and beautiful feeders. I’d given up on the little buggers and gave my old feeder to my daughter. Now the time for their migration is at hand, so I thought I’d try again. 

I’m glad I did! This feeder has a red glass bottle.

Tanya is back! Linking to





Good Fences #75

Good Fences

I came back! Our writers retreat was held at The PorchesWe did manage to get some writing done, and we ate very well. Our writers are multi-talented and fabulous cooks–no starving artists here! 

As with discovering any new territory, I was on the lookout for fences, gates, and anything else of interest. 

En route, I had to pull over for this:

I apologize for the glare off my dirty windshield.

The road was narrow. Passing cars (and logging trucks) sped by faster than I thought safe so I opted to stay in the car, click, and get moving.

Turning onto a road less traveled, we passed an interesting gate so I pulled over, hopped out, and snapped a photo. Once settled into our accommodations, I wandered out to the porch to look around, and there, at the bottom of the hill was The Gate.

Gate at The Porches–as it turned out, there were two of them.

A friend and I took a walk and saw this fence and gate. That’s it for this week’s Good Fences. Click the link below to see more.