Friday’s Hunt v3.5

All Seasons

Friday rolls around once again–and nearly rolled over me this week! I need to step up my game. 

This week, the hunt is on for Starts with E, Week’s Favorite, and Personal.

E is for evening on Edenton Bay–beautiful in ALL SEASONS.

My favorite this week was catching the Northern Mockingbird preening his feathers.

Making it personal


Who, me?


Bring your photo choices and join the fun! The link to Friday’s Hunt is live until Sunday at 7:00 P.M. Central Time. 




Monday Madness/Randomness

Monday Madness Randomness

1. Found these pretties in my wildflower garden today.

Golden Poppy










2. I had a couple visitors while I was out there, too.

American Robin
Northern Mockingbird










3. Hubby moved the birdbaths to mow the lawn. I snapped a shot of Lady Mallard standing where the birdbath was supposed to be. 

4. Sunday afternoon we took a short drive. It looks like the fishing is good here. 

Two Great Egrets and a Great Blue Heron. There were two more egrets out of the frame.

5. Hubby’s coworkers gave him a gift card to a nice little bistro. We used it Sunday evening. 

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Willy Nilly Friday 5 #68, Friday’s Hunt

Willy Nilly Friday 5 #68
Friday’s Hunt v1.4

Sharing some random thoughts; this week’s prompts for Friday’s Hunt are Starts with D, Week’s Favorite, and Beautiful.

1. So thankful we didn’t get snow like so many of you have from Winter Storm Jonas. Initially, we had 2-3″ Friday, but come evening, the fluffy flakes turned into raindrops and melted it away. Saturday, I noticed the wind had changed direction, the fluffy flakes that had blown left to right Friday were replaced with tiny ice pellets blowing right to left. Once again, the ground was dressed in white. Tonight, the wind is howling like crazy, gusts to 50 mph expected. The storm link above says some areas had wind gusts in the 80-mph range. That’s hurricane strength!

D–Not very Deep

2. The Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel (CBBT), the 17.6-mile span that links Virginia Beach with Virginia’s Eastern Shore, is under Level 5 wind restrictions. That doesn’t happen very often! It means they’ve clocked wind speeds at 65 mph. The only vehicles permitted to cross are cars with no exterior cargo. At Level 6, it closes to all traffic.

Sunsets from the CBBT can be Beautiful.

3.  I think the Northern Mockingbird might be my favorite photo this week. 

Northern Mockingbird

4. Our granddaughter, Miss Z, turned 5 this week. I have no photo because we haven’t been there since Christmas. We’ve missed three birthdays this month! We need to get up there and get our party on, don’t you think?

5. I’m off to bed. Won’t know whether we have church until tomorrow morning. It’s our week to help out with KidCheck, and we’ll need to be there early. At this time, we can’t get our front storm door open until hubby goes out and clears the ice build-up off the threshold. 

Is it spring yet?

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Willy-nilly Friday 5–Caterpillar Disappearance Solved!

Willy-nilly Friday 5

1. The Great Caterpillar Mystery is no longer a mystery! The bandit was caught on *surveillance video.
*my camera

Northern Cardinal, juvenile male
Would you like a napkin to expunge the evidence?

2. Our Northern Mockingbird is back and singing. He does a perfect imitation of a car alarm that goes off down the street. 

He kept puffing and shaking his feathers, thought he would hop in the birdbath.

3. I walked six+ miles today at First Landing State Park

Trooping Funnel? Mushroom looks like a birdbath.

4. Looks like one of the mermaids escaped Norfolk. 

To see more, open menu on the left and scroll categories to Norfolk Mermaids.

5. Bath time!

House Sparrows

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Wild Bird Wednesday #112

I didn’t have any new bird shots to share last week, so I went out and found a few to share with you today. 

The Northern Mockingbird was flitting around, making a lot of noise. No flattering shot for it, I’m afraid!
American Crow
Great Blue Heron

These were all found at the local botanical garden.
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Just Peeking In


Downy Woodpecker–just peeking in on you


Northern Mockingbird

No sooner than hubby asked if the mockingbird had been around in the cold weather, the very next day it showed up!

Here’s a view of the backyard featuring our second snowfall, eight inches or so.

It didn’t look pristine for long, hubby shoveled paths to the feeders. Wednesday may have been the first time ever he couldn’t get to work.  I wish he’d been able to enjoy his day off, but it was spent clearing snow, and fretting about orders that needed to be placed. This morning, he had to dig through the barricade of snow the plow left before he could get the car out of the driveway.

Have you ever wondered what the belly of a Yellow-rumped Warbler looks like?
Now you know!
Too soon, our day came to an end.

May you be warm, wherever you are today.