Good Fences #45

Good Fences #45

I snapped this shot as I waited for a traffic light last Thursday, in case I didn’t find any other fences that day. The iron fence in the foreground runs through the median strip in downtown Norfolk. The brick fence behind it is on the other side of the west-bound traffic lanes. The scene is more colorful when the crape myrtles are in bloom. 

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Good Fences #3

Update: I found a link for MetalMatisse. It’s a flower pot. You can read more about this sculpture HERE and see it lit at night. Or:

I’ve had a lot of fun looking through photos for Good Fences. I’ve been waiting for the opportunity to share this picture, and I discovered it has TWO fences, so today is the day! No extra charge!

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OpSail 2012, Graduation this Week

Our oldest granddaughter graduates this week. In preparation for that, I’m going to be away from my computer, and you, all my online friends. 😦 

OpSail 2012 visited the port of Norfolk this year, the link will tell you all about it. Some of the photos in the slideshow were taken Thursday evening, as the ships gathered in the Chesapeake Bay for Friday morning’s Parade of Sail. We visited Sunday in Norfolk, and went aboard a ship from Ecuador. I don’t think I was cut out to be a sailor! But it was a fun experience. 

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See you next week!