A Week to Remember

Was last week crazy, or was it just me? You do not have to answer that question. Especially if you’re going to be painfully honest! 

Early in the week we had an earthquake, unusual for this part of the continent.
Later in the week, we had a hurricane, which is rather typical for our area; however, Irene had a mind of her own, and had to do it “her way.” We were totally blessed in that we didn’t lose electricity for any length of time, and the only damage outside was to a trumpet vine and the butterfly bush, and a few twigs from the oak tree. And we give God the glory for this testimony.   

Somewhere, either on a blog or Facebook comment, someone said, “Now all we need are the locusts.” Well, here ya go!

Actually, it appears to be a Differential Grasshopper, but it will be more than happy to attack any green leafy thing–or anything else growing in your garden. (I know this because I recently bought ANOTHER BOOK, a field guide to insects and spiders of North America.)

Did I mention that you will no longer find ME outdoors? Well, not until tomorrow, anyway. I have some other wonderful treasures from today that I’ll be sharing this week. I can’t wait!