Wild Wednesday

That would describe my hair mostly, outside doing some much-neglected yard work.


I took a “brief” respite from weeding when the temperatures rose above 95F (35C). However, I quickly found the weeds had not. 😦

The other night, hubby spotted a black swallowtail caterpillar on the black-eyed susan (rudbeckia). Silly me thought it was looking for variety in its diet. I should have known better! Today I was deadheading flowers and pruning dead stems. I cut and pulled one stem off the black-eyed susan, OOPS! There was a chrysalis attached to it. I now have it in a vase in the kitchen so we can observe it together. 🙂

The area around the birdbath resembles a jungle, so I pruned some branches so I could fill it, and the birds could find it. I wanted to scrub it, and started to prune some of the ivy where I needed to step closer, and found another caterpillar in the process of attaching itself to a stem. No pruning of the ivy or scrubbing the birdbath today. Sorry for the blur, one of us must have moved. 🙂

I also observed a large caterpillar crawling across the mulch, heading for the vinca and rhododendron. It disappeared quickly, so hopefully it has settled in a safe place where the birds won’t find it. I also found this nest, about the size of a quarter, on another plant. Anyone have an idea what lurks within? 

Mystery mud nest

Mulch, and More Mulch

I suppose I just gave away what *we’ve been up to this weekend.

*For clarification, “we”  means I went along for the ride to Lowe’s. 🙂

I came outside to create today’s post, but there have been a lot of distractions. Thinking I’d take care of some plant watering, the timer keeps reminding me I need to move the hose. The birds were creating quite a ruckus. When I looked to see what had gotten them all atwitter, I spied a cat stealthily creeping behind the euonymous (shrub) and promptly shooed it away. You have not heard such a cacophony until you have a tree full of grackles exercising their trademark “rusty hinge” voice. Peaceful birdsong has returned, and it is music to my ears. 

Saturday I watched Mama Downy (tiny woodpecker) make several trips from the suet feeder to the oak tree. Here’s a picture of who was waiting for her to bring sustenance. 

That day, I also got the sad news from our neighbor that this oak tree is scheduled to be removed this coming weekend. It’s certainly going to make a big difference in the amount of sunshine that reaches our yard. Maybe I should look into the care and feeding of cacti.