Rain Design mStand for Laptop

Meet my Rain Design mStand


I’ve been searching for a stand for my laptop–so it’s not so much LAP time, but a little more STAND time. Besides, if I can type/read at the kitchen counter, I can keep an eye on backyard activity.

I experimented with boxes, trying to get the right height, then a lap desk with cushioning for the wrists. But they came up too flat. I needed something with a bit of slope to it.

That’s when I found the Rain mStand.


It’s design allows the computer to sit at eye level on a desk. A separate keyboard would be needed for proper ergonomics. I was delighted to find it is perfect for standing at countertop height. In the first photo, you can see the cushion pads that keep the laptop from moving, and protect it from scratches. The mStand’s solid, one-piece construction is sturdy for typing.

Rain Design offers other computer solutions, too.

I ordered mine through Apple.com and opted for in-store pickup. It’s also available at Amazon.com. It’s not just for MacBooks, it will hold most 13-15″ ┬álaptops. More information is available on the Rain Design website.