Friday’s Hunt v3.6

Friday’s Hunt

I’m hurrying to beat the deadline for Friday’s Hunt. We’ve had a beautiful weekend here, 70s, and spent a lot of it in the Great Outdoors. Now, down to blogging business!

We are looking for Starts with F, Week’s Favorite, and Heart.

F is for Flower, Camellias are in bloom.

 My Week’s Favorite features a Mourning Dove on a blustery day.

Heart–I should have taken pics of some of the valentines I made! Good thing I played around in my art journal. Background stencil from Stencil Girl Products, designed by Traci Bautista. (Work in progress)


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Wild Bird Wednesday #187

Wild Bird Wednesday #187

Mourning Dove

Just when I thought there’d be no birds to share this week, a pair of Mourning Doves hung around after the skittish Grackles, Red-winged Blackbirds, Brown-headed Cowbirds and European Starlings high-tailed it out of the yard. 

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Stop by and see Stewart’s Black-winged Petrel, bring your bird photos to share while you’re there.


Friday Randomness

Friday Randomness

1. Here’s another photo from The Porches writers retreat. See? I do mornings on occasion. 

Foggy morning at The Porches

2. It’s been hot and humid some days. 

The Mourning Dove has the right idea to cool off. They don’t often use the tall birdbath. A cicada exoskeleton can be seen attached below.

3. Some of us have bad plumage days.

Looks a little moth-eaten.

4. This hinders bird photography through the kitchen window.

I got her underside earlier, then she turned her good side toward the window.

5. Do you think the Tiger Swallowtail was trying to hide from me?

Becoming one with the lantana.

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Wild Bird Wednesday–More baby birds

This week I found a pair of young Mourning Doves nestled into the grass under the feeders.

I thought it interesting how they face opposite directions. I’ve often seen this behavior in a flock on the ground, they form a circle, facing outward. It reminds me of the days of the wild west expansion when the covered wagons would be circled for the night. Not that I was there, mind you.

Sharing with Wild Bird Wednesday, where everyone is welcome to link up and share their bird photos. Thanks, Stewart, for providing us a place to share and see birds we otherwise would not.