Wild Bird Wednesday #190 Mallard Ducks and Bald Eagle juvenile

Wild Bird Wednesday

Bald Eagle
Mourning Cloak butterfly

I checked out a new park and after a muddy wetland walk (I use the word “walk” rather loosely here) I found this pair of Mallards basking in the late afternoon sun–just across the parking lot from my car. 

Mallards, Stumpy Lake

The park has promise (some hot summer day after a long dry spell). I caught a glimpse of a Pileated Woodpecker, and later heard it laughing at how it outsmarted me. A bright Bluebird also caught my eye, but I could never get it in focus. 

This isn’t a good shot of the Bald Eagle juvenile, but I was just happy to see  it on my way home, sitting atop an electrical tower.

Bald Eagle juvenile, Honey Bee GC

It seemed early in the season for a butterfly

Mourning Cloak butterfly

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