Word A Day–Surprise

Linking to Nancy’s Word A Day blog. Come and play along! The word for Wednesday is “Drowsy.” No, that wasn’t one of the seven dwarfs. 

Late one afternoon as I headed home from an appointment, the old clock on the dash reminded me the sun would set before long. Hubby was working late, I had no need to hurry home; so I drove around, looking for a good vantage point to take some photos. 

I happened upon a small park and ball field, complete with bleachers and totally empty. The height of the bleachers would allow me to get some shots above the surrounding fence. Now, if i could just get rid of traffic on the adjacent roads…

The skyline is a bit cluttered, but the sun tried to overcome the intrusion.


Panning upward, the sky was quite busy.


A large flock of birds danced across the sky.

After I watched the sun descend in the west, I turned to head back to the car. To my surprise, the moon had been sneaking up behind me.

Moon rising in the east.