Just Ducky

Just Ducky

Cee’s a bit under the weather this week, so there’s no Share Your World post. I’ll still be sharing my world with you, though, random as it might be. 

A pair of Mallard ducks stop by for dinner, a little wading, a bit of a snooze, and then they’re off again until the next evening. 

We hoped to visit “the kids” this past weekend, but our grandson tested positive for the flu earlier in the week. By Saturday, Z and Suzanne weren’t feeling well, and the number of patients in “quarantine” increases almost daily. 

I finally got Suzanne’s birthday present made, and I’d love to share it with you–but I don’t want her to see it here first. 

Hubby took his first-ever personal day off from work today. Too bad he had to work on a plumbing issue! Suzanne says he really knows how to enjoy a personal day.

Today was near 70F (21C). I filled feeders and put fresh water in the birdbaths (much needed after the ducks visited). Then I saw the pile of leaves I’d raked off one of the beds last week, so I bagged those. Container plants needed water. A lovely specimen of Spiny Sow Thistle sprung up next to the HVAC unit–nearly a foot tall, so I took that out before it multiplied. The Loropetalum and Spirea needed light pruning where the frost bit them. It’s amazing how many things one can find to do outside on a pretty day. 

What have you been up to?






Good Friday, 2016

Good Friday, 2016

Willy Nilly Friday 5 No. 76
Friday’s Hunt v1.13 brought to you by the letter M, Week’s Favorite, and Bird or Wings
Today’s Flowers #401

1. Mr. & Mrs. Mallard having a little conversation over dinner. 

Starts with M

I was in the backyard taking pictures when our neighbor’s son came home from school. He walks through our yard to get to and from the bus stop on the next street over. He turned to see what subject had my attention and exclaimed, “A duck!” He whipped his phone out of his pocket and said, “I have to get a picture of this!” 

2. The starling darlings monopolized the pedestal birdbath after I cleaned it.

Bird, and Wings, too – European Starlings

3. The American Robin (male) gave up on them and and settled for the birdbath on the ground.

Week’s Favorite

4. The Loropetalum is in bloom.

Today’s Flowers – Loropetalum – Fringe Flower

5. Mr. Mallard is one devoted dude. He stood like a soldier for the longest time while the Mrs. grazed for food, stood in the birdbath doing her yoga leg stretches, and then she finally settled down for a nap.

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Wild Bird Wednesday #190 Mallard Ducks and Bald Eagle juvenile

Wild Bird Wednesday

Bald Eagle
Mourning Cloak butterfly

I checked out a new park and after a muddy wetland walk (I use the word “walk” rather loosely here) I found this pair of Mallards basking in the late afternoon sun–just across the parking lot from my car. 

Mallards, Stumpy Lake

The park has promise (some hot summer day after a long dry spell). I caught a glimpse of a Pileated Woodpecker, and later heard it laughing at how it outsmarted me. A bright Bluebird also caught my eye, but I could never get it in focus. 

This isn’t a good shot of the Bald Eagle juvenile, but I was just happy to see  it on my way home, sitting atop an electrical tower.

Bald Eagle juvenile, Honey Bee GC

It seemed early in the season for a butterfly

Mourning Cloak butterfly

Linking to Wild Bird Wednesday, where Stewart shares a beautiful White Tern–and a wee Tern chick, too! Come see! And link up your bird photos while you’re there, all are welcome to participate.


Weekly Photo Challenge–Orange

Weekly Photo Challenge

Thought I’d join in the hunt for orange, but apparently, this isn’t a good season for it. Not where I live, anyway. I revisited the new city park and went in search of the elusive orange.

I forgot I’d seen ORANGE in my own backyard!


The leaves are a little more burnt ORANGE.
More ORANGE leaves
ORANGE on the Cormorant’s beak
Thought I’d get a shot of the ORANGE fencing on the way out, just in case the other photos didn’t work.

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