Friday Fictioneers–14 March 2014

Thanks to Rochelle, our host, and Adam, who provided the photo for this week’s rendition of Friday Fictioneers. My 100-word story follows the photo prompt.

copyright–Adam Ickes

Golden Years

They amble down the boardwalk, hand in hand, albeit a slower pace than fifty years ago. Eyesight dimmer, the gleam still remains; sometimes he can’t remember her name, but he always remembers her love for him and the children. A bench waits at the end, and so they sit and rest for the return trip. It was a day just like today, a warm breeze brushing against the skin. No words are needed this time, for their hearts carry on the promise of a lifetime. The sun slips low in the sky, shedding its warm light on their golden years.

Thanks for taking the time to read. There are many more stories to be found at Friday Fictioneers for your enjoyment. Or just maybe, you could add yours.

Some of the Things We Love

I love the way a baby bird flutters its wings to be fed. (house finches)

Not too happy about the mess they make on the dome that keeps their food dry…

I love Carolina wrens.

I love those crazy squirrels.

And they love peanuts. Who doesn’t love stretching out after a hard day’s work of peanut pilfering?

They love sunflower seeds, too. A song sparrow keeps an eye on him/her.

…and a little shade on a hot day is always nice.

What do you love?



Word A Day–Blind

You might have noticed that today’s post is a little bit late…

I could tell you my dog ate my blog post, but those of you who know me won’t fall for that lame excuse since the dog died nineteen years ago. 

Instead of writing yesterday, I was busily decorating my studio for Christmas, because if I didn’t do it then, well, there’s not much point in doing it when we return home next week, right?

And now, I’m blinded by the light.


We did some last-minute shopping after work, came home and wrapped gifts, then collapsed. Had I not ordered decaf at Starbucks, I could have accomplished much more, like a blog post, painting the house, etc. 

But, I’ll be spending time with six grandchildren soon, and decided sleep would be the better option.

I will see you back here Tuesday, or Wednesday at the latest. In the meantime, love on those who cross your path, and make some wonderful memories.