Abducted by Aliens

Please excuse my tardiness today. I was abducted by aliens.

For those of you who don’t believe that, I’ll come up with some other cockamamie story…or two:

Would you believe I cooked dinner last night? I really did! Must have worn myself out chopping all those veggies for pork fried rice, because I couldn’t stay awake to write my blog post.

The subjects I intended to photograph for my post disappeared from my garden. There were five or six butterfly larva munching on fennel before we left town Friday, but now they have disappeared, and the fennel is still there. Maybe THEY were abducted by aliens. Or some of my fine feathered friends…

I took an ice pack with me on our road trip and “conveniently” left it in my daughter’s freezer so I could go by the physical therapy office this morning and buy some new ones. 

The library notified me that a book I’d placed on hold was now available. I drive right by it on the way to the PT’s office, so I HAD to stop. Can’t upset the librarian, the police station is in the same parking lot. I was very quiet. However, had I been in jail, that could explain my tardiness. 

Enjoyed the cooking experience so much, I had to do some grocery shopping. Ok, I know you’ll never fall for that one. But I actually found some items in the refrigerator that I previously bought to make something, but no longer had the rest of the ingredients. Don’t want to be wasteful. 🙂

So, what have YOU been up to today?