Blog Hop Around the World

This is my first experience with a creative blog hop. My dear friend, Trece Wyman, invited me to participate. Blogging from New York, USA, Trece is animal lover extraordinaire, specializing in cats; her heart is at least as big as Texas. You can find her at SimplyTrece

Now, to the questions, and my answers:

What am I working on?
I’m amassing quite a collection of books on writing.
I enjoy playing with words, it never seems like work. I blog, journal, write devotional pieces, and have a work-in-progress memoir that started as a National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) rebel project. Most of my writing is nonfiction, but I stepped out of my comfort zone a few months ago and began creating 100-word flash-fiction stories with Friday Fictioneers.  

How does my work differ from others of its genre?
Mine is written by a young-at-heart, eternally optimistic cracked pot.

Why do I create what I do?
I used to look through the box of family photos my mother had. There was one in particular that intrigued me: a man, in a Civil War uniform, and his wife. Aside from their names and her relationship to them, Mom knew nothing else about them. When I became a grandmother, I began to journal. I was determined to leave something of myself behind for my grandchildren and the generations to come.

How does your creating process work?
It varies somewhat by project. For Friday Fictioneers, I study the details of the photo prompt looking for an unusual perspective, then run with it. I write the beginning, and I usually know how I want it to end, so I write that next. Then I know how many words I have left to put the meat in the middle of my sentence sandwich.

Here are the three creative bloggers I’d like to share with you. They will post their blog hop posts June 23. For a sneak peek, here are their links:

Susan Carter Payne
The former features her poetry and photography, the latter her thoughts on family, relationships, and the world around her–and more of her beautiful nature photography. Susan is a published author and has many creative talents. From the mountains to the shore, Virginia is her home.

Dianna Keen
Another Virginia blogger, Dianna is an amazing photographer. Her blog features family, two cats who adopted her–they’re also family, wild horses on the Outer Banks of North Carolina, and her many adventures, near and far. She creates greeting cards, too.

Beth Ann Chiles
Beth Ann blogs from Iowa. She has various creative abilities, so it will be interesting to see what she decides to share with us. If you visit on Tuesdays, you’re likely to find a teapot from her collection on display. Beth Ann’s blog features Comments for a Cause–each comment left on her blog is worth fifty cents toward the featured cause for that month. Be sure to visit and leave some kind words.

Thanks for hopping and stopping by!




Share Your World–2013 Week 43

Here are Cee’s questions for Share Your World.

1. Do you prefer to receive gifts or give them?

2. If you could be given ANY gift, what would it be?
A housekeeper

3. If you had a shelf for your three most special possessions (not including photos, people, or animals) what would you put on it?
iPad for communication, books/Bible, music,
utility functions, camera
a Journal to write in
Binoculars for birdwatching

4. Would you spend the weekend in an abandoned house in the forest?
A weekend in the forest sounds nice, depends on the house…is it bear-proof?

Come and join the fun! Write a blog post and link to Cee’s, or leave your responses in the comments section below.

Socks GONE!

This week, I’ve been blessed with the Versatile Blogger Award, TWICE. 

Thanks to Georgette, and Drusilla.

I received this award early on in my blogging “career,” but at the time hadn’t figured out how to add it to my blog page. Now that it has been brought to my attention again, I remedied that situation. See? New tricks CAN be taught to old bloggers. 

I’m supposed to tell you seven things about myself, and pass on the award. 

Today I will tell you the seven things, and after some research, I’ll announce some new Versatile Bloggers next week. 

1. I don’t have time to do the research in time for this post, as it is 2:30 in the morning, and tomorrow I’ll be packing to spoil grandchildren visit family. 

2. I had a lunch date with my hubby THREE times this week! 

3. Of my 150 minutes of recommended cardio this week, I have accomplished FIVE. Not good. I’d better chase those grandchildren A LOT. Or maybe I should just WALK to their house. Let’s see, 160 miles…I don’t think I’ll be home in time to blog next week.

4. Did you know that some caterpillars go through winter in their chrysalis and emerge in the spring?

5. I enjoy the writing of Ruth Bell Graham. Currently, I am reading a book of devotions by her, “Letters from Ruth’s Attic.” “Footprints of a Pilgrim” is another favorite.

6. I’ve kept a journal for years, but now that I blog, not much gets written in the journal.

7. I need to go buy new socks–and YOU need to have a great weekend! Hope to see you Monday. 🙂