Gourmet Style–Road Kill?

Since cookbooks have been on my mind, here’s one more I’d like to share this week, and then I’ll change the subject. (Now you have to come back tomorrow to see if I’m telling the truth.) 🙂

I must say I’m surprised (and somewhat relieved) that none of you mentioned this cookbook among your favorites. It was a gift from my brother. (See? My whole family is like this. I didn’t stand a chance.)

The recipes are written in poetic verse, and quite humorous. One of my favorite titles is, “Steamed Skunk on a Skewer–Away from the House.” 

And since we need to eat our greens, I highly recommend the “Nettle Soup.”

  • Gather a bunch of nettle plants early in the spring
  • Cook a long time to destroy the sting…
    I think you get the idea. 

The back cover of the book tells about the author, Jeff Eberbaugh, who wrote humorous, poetic road kill recipes in the front half of the book. “They are not intended for human consumption.”  The back half consists of real and unusual recipes collected from “old timers.” 

What’s for lunch?