Willy-nilly Friday 5–Caterpillar Disappearance Solved!

Willy-nilly Friday 5

1. The Great Caterpillar Mystery is no longer a mystery! The bandit was caught on *surveillance video.
*my camera

Northern Cardinal, juvenile male
Would you like a napkin to expunge the evidence?

2. Our Northern Mockingbird is back and singing. He does a perfect imitation of a car alarm that goes off down the street. 

He kept puffing and shaking his feathers, thought he would hop in the birdbath.

3. I walked six+ miles today at First Landing State Park

Trooping Funnel? Mushroom looks like a birdbath.

4. Looks like one of the mermaids escaped Norfolk. 

To see more, open menu on the left and scroll categories to Norfolk Mermaids.

5. Bath time!

House Sparrows

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Wild Bird Wednesday 52–House Sparrow

This week on Wild Bird Wednesday, I’m featuring the ever-prolific House Sparrow. They are a common bird, and often overlooked. 

Though a non-native bird to the U.S., House Sparrows can be found throughout the nation. They were introduced into Brooklyn, New York in the 1850s and within fifty years were found as far west as the Rocky Mountains.

They can be seen hanging around and inside traffic-light fixtures, signs on businesses, and begging food at any outdoor eatery.  

Many birds in the United States are protected species; however the humble House Sparrow’s nests can be destroyed without fear of punishment. They are known to run native birds, like bluebirds, out of nesting boxes. 

House Sparrows
House Sparrows

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We got rain today! It wasn’t much, and most of it turned to steam on the hot parking lots. House sparrows were eager to take advantage of a small puddle that formed. Sorry for low picture quality, I only had my phone/camera with me. 

Rub a dub dub, three birds in a tub.