Wild Bird Wednesday #202 – House Finch

Wild Bird Wednesday

This week I’m sharing a House Finch. They are quite common in our area, and unlike the last couple of years, there seems to be an abundance of young ones this time around. It was not unusual to see two dozen or more at the feeders in summer, so when the numbers dwindled, I couldn’t help but wonder why. According the Cornell Lab of Ornithology, House Finch Eye Disease wiped out nearly half of the finches in the eastern U.S.

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Wild Bird Wednesday #166

Wild Bird Wednesday

Apparently, I’ve been slacking off when it comes to photography. Like Mother Hubbard, I went to the photo cupboard and found the shelves bare. Here are two bird photos taken this week.

Male Northern Cardinal checking out the fennel.
The House Finch appears to be in need of a wingman. I was unable to capture it yesterday, and didn’t see it today.

We’ve had rain so the grass is growing and going to seed. The House Sparrows don’t mind at all, they seem to enjoy it. I didn’t take a picture, though. The Northern Mockingbird returned to his guard post, defending the territory. I feel much safer now. 

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Random 5 Friday 5/10/13

I’ve enjoyed reading Random 5 Friday posts at Nancy’s blog, and decided to join in the fun this week. 

1. I have been remiss in sharing that I won a giveaway MONTHS ago on Nancy’s blog. It’s a matted photo of a Rose-breasted Grosbeak, featuring her wonderful photographic skill and texture effects. You know how enamored I am of birds, anyway, and it was the first thing I ever won on a blog. Thanks, Nancy!

2. I’ve felt like a dog chasing its tail this week. I spent the better part of the last two weeks at my daughter’s–a new granddaughter arrived–and three days of driving the home-schooled siblings for their yearly testing, something I enjoy helping with. It must be the side effects of pretending to be a morning person. 

3. There’s a lot of noise coming from the backyard bird feeders today. A nest of House Finches must have fledged and are begging the parents, “Feed me, feed me…” Exactly what it sounds like.

4. About a dozen Black Swallowtail Butterfly chrysalises over-wintered in our shed and are now emerging in an aquarium in my kitchen. I open the window, which is where they head immediately. Most have to stop, or fall into the sink, but eventually they set sail in the breeze on brand new wings. Sadly, I witnessed a Northern Mockingbird snatching one as it made its way across the yard. 

5. Thinking of five random things is harder than it looks! I hope you’ll join us some Friday. Here are Nancy’s rules to play by:

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Wild Bird Wednesday–House Finch

House finches can be found all over North America, and Hawaii. I watched this female flutter her wings, like a young bird does for food. It seemed too early in the season for a young bird, so I did some research and found this is also courting behavior. The female will flutter her wings and the male will feed her. It must be love! 

House finches, male and female
House finches, male and female


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