Blog Awards

This post ends my first year of blogging. Many of you have subscribed to my blog, and that makes my day! Several of you have blessed me with blog awards, my cup runneth over. Thank you so much for showing your support in these ways. I am honored to be the recipient of so many.

When I started blogging, I saw awards on other’s blogs and wondered about them. I saw notes on a few that were designated award-free, and wondered why they wouldn’t want to participate. 

Most of the awards require linking back to the person who bestowed the award, then passing it on to several other blogs. Many of them say fifteen. I’m finding it difficult to keep up with my blog, the many I follow, and also create award posts and all the links that go with them. After much thought and soul-searching, I’ve decided to make my blog award-free. 

Sharing awards is a wonderful way to introduce new blogs we’ve found, and spread the blogging love. In the future, I will provide a link in a post to new blogs I think may interest you. 

I would like to thank the following for recent awards. If you don’t know them, please pay them a visit. Each person has their own story to tell, from their part of the world. This is an exciting journey! 

Dianna at
.C. at
arlene at
Connie at
Kitty at
Arindam at

Arindam’s link will take you to the best blog award show I’ve seen. Quite possibly, the only one I’ve seen. His personality shines through. 🙂

Thanks to for the use of her award-free button. I was smitten with that bird!