Friday Fictioneers–Predator

Friday Fictioneers

I’ve been absent from Friday Fictioneers too long! I miss this community of 100-word-story writers. Here is our photo prompt for this week, and my fiction follows.

Photo courtesy of Jean L. Hays
Photo copyright Jean L. Hays


I stood to stretch at my office window and surveyed the activity on the street below. Not the best part of town, it’s a bit run down. A teenaged girl stepped off the Greyhound bus and looked from side to side. A familiar figure approached, took her by the arm, and led her into a small cafe. I bolted from the office! Bypassing the elevator, I descended the stairs to the street. My trembling fingers opened the cafe door, my eyes darted from table to table. There! I didn’t know how, but I could not let her become a victim, too.

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