Friday’s Hunt v4.7

Friday’s Hunt

This week we’re searching for Starts with G, Candy, and Latch

Starts with G: Great Egret

Found this one at Lake Lawson Lake Smith Park

Armed with only a cell phone camera today, I saw this Great Egret (below) at its usual dinner post near Hobby Lobby. (Shot through dirty windshield).

Food photography is not my forte. 


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Picked up my laptop Wednesday, hope to get back to “normal” blogging soon. 

Wild Bird Wednesday #131–Great Egret and Brown Pelican

Wild Bird Wednesday #131

Monday, I had an appointment with my hair stylist. On a previous visit, I noticed a “Duck Crossing” sign nearby, so this time I made sure the camera came along. No ducks today–but I did see this Great Egret.
Passing Mount Trashmore on the way home, I pulled in to see what was happening over there. Much to my surprise, a Brown Pelican was hanging out on the pier.

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Around and About

I had to be up early to drive hubby to work, so I snapped a few shots of autumn in December to share with you.

A Painted Bunting (male) visited us for the first time 12/3.
Can you find the Great Blue Heron?
Fall color
Great Egret and Canada Geese
Fall colors, leaves hanging on

There are fences in the background of some of these, but they blend into the scenery. Honest! How about a bulkhead, then? It fences the water in…?

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Good Fences #31

I kept an eye out for Good Fences while on vacation, too. My long-suffering hubby was so patient while I made frequent stops to photograph everything I saw. 

This Great Egret mingled with the visitors in the park. It timidly moved step by step as everyone with a camera gathered around for photo ops. 

Great Egret and small chain fence

If you look closely, there’s a fence at the base of the lighthouse.

Harbour Town Lighthouse

I liked the colorful houses at Kure Beach, NC. It was such a happy place, though that area bears the brunt of many an Atlantic hurricane.

Kure Beach, NC

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