Friday’s Hunt v2.25

Friday’s Hunt v2.25

This week’s prompts are Starts with Y, Week’s Favorite, and Festive.

Starts with Y: Yarn

Week’s Favorite: One of two pictures taken this week–squirrel

Festive: Norfolk Waterfront dressed for the holidays

That’s it for this week! I’ve not had much time to visit with you again this week, but too soon the holidays will pass and life will return to normal as we know it. 

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Friday’s Hunt v2.13

Friday’s Hunt

I’m here to dispel the notion that aliens abducted me. Hubby’s away for a few days so I tore into my card-making room and strew papers (among other things) all over the floor in an attempt to rearrange the space to make it more user-friendly, see what I need to use or give away, etc. I’m not finished yet, but one can cross the room unimpeded.

This week we’re hunting for Starts with M, Week’s Favorite, and Work. I should have checked the list sooner while I had piles in the floor (for work).

Marina, and masts, start with M.

My daughter’s friend put in a lot of work to make this bouquet of paper roses.

My Week’s Favorite features my furry friend.

 He thinks peanuts should be legalized. 

Terrific Tuesday, Writers Group

Terrific Tuesday

The day began with a downpour. Around mid-day I checked the mailbox–nothing yet. I glanced toward the horizon and my heart did a happy dance. Just beneath the thick grayness stretched a band of brilliant blue. As the day progressed, blue prevailed in the battle, pushing back the source of darkness that hung heavily overhead. 

This Tuesday is special–writers group! I love these people! I never considered myself a writer, but accepted their invitation years ago–with the lure of cookies. I thought they said cookies. Now I’m pretty sure they meant KOOKY. Yes, I fit right in! Early on, I could hardly keep my voice steady when asked to read aloud. But this is a safe place. The masks are off. Writing comes from deep within, souls laid bare, and no one is judged. It’s a wonderful journey of discovery, and I enjoy traveling with this merry band of strangers who became friends. 

I have no new bird pictures this week, but I do have this not-so-perfect picture of a fluffy squirrel. I liked how its light-colored eye ring shows up in the shadow. How can I resist that cuteness? Here, take all the sunflower seed–I’ll even toss in a few peanuts for you. 

I hope you have a lovely day! 






Wild Bird Wednesday #114–Exercise Class

Today I’m featuring a few of my backyard friends, feathered–and otherwise. It’s beginning to feel like fall in Virginia, the humidity lessens, a nice breeze welcomes one to step outdoors, and the hours of daylight decrease a wee bit each day. Acorns are falling and the squirrels are burying them.

Song Sparrow demonstrates: Lean forward, stretch to the left, and touch your toes...
Song Sparrow demonstrates: Lean forward, stretch to the left, and touch your toes…
...and up...
…now stand up tall…
...stretch to the right...neck a little tight?...
…stretch to the right…neck a little tight?…
...look to the right and hold that stretch...
…look to the right and hold that stretch…
Brown Thrasher...
Brown Thrasher demonstrates…
...demonstrates the plank those abs!
…the plank position…work those abs!
And here we have Downward-facing Dog.
And here we have Downward-facing Dog Squirrel.

That’s your workout for the day–carry on! Happy Wednesday!

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Wednesday Around the World

Rainy Day Monday

I had the bright idea to get up this morning and shoot macros around the yard for the Macro memes. I also had the bright idea to go to the rec center…until the NOAA Weather Radio blared a Flood Warning message. 

If I wait a little longer, I can swim in the backyard.
I couldn’t find a “flood” setting on my camera.

The last time I went out during such a downpour, our street flooded and I couldn’t get home. That was frustrating, because I had so many things I wanted to do around the house. 


The rain didn't keep by buddies from stopping by for lunch.
The rain didn’t keep my buddies from stopping by for lunch.


I hope you’re safe and dry.

Safety reminder: Don’t drive through deep water–it’s not good for your car, and sometimes, the road has washed out. Don’t take a chance.