Wild Bird Wednesday–100! Spring Fledglings

Congratulations to Stewart, our host of Wild Bird Wednesday (WBW)! He pulled out all the stops, and features some amazing birds and his fantastic photography this week to celebrate 100 WBW posts. Be sure to click on over and take a peek. Better yet, bring your bird photos and link up to share them. 

Freshly-Fledged Grackles and Starlings

Today’s lesson, we’re learning to use the birdbath properly. Clicking on any photo will start the slide show, complete with captions.




Weekly Photo Challenge–Changing Seasons

The current Weekly Photo Challenge is to show what signals the change of season to us.  I see the changes through avian activity in and around our neighborhood. The goldfinches molt their bright yellow summer plumage for their khakis, for instance. Cooler temperatures are indicated by the fluffing of feathers for insulation. Birds who migrate further south, like hummingbirds, are no longer seen; birds we haven’t seen for a few months, like warblers, white-throated sparrows, starlings and grackles, return. More shore birds are found hanging out at the local fast-food restaurants, hoping for a handout–or visiting smaller bodies of water. (Like those seen here sharing a puddle). Yes, there’s a change in the air, and I see it coming on wings. 

Even the birds in the sky
    know the right times to do things.
The storks, doves, swifts, and thrushes
    know when it is time to migrate.
But my people don’t know
    what the Lord wants them to do.–Jeremiah 8:7



Fat, er, Flat Tuesday

I arose early this morning with big plans for the day and promptly set about laundry, tidying up–and just as quickly pulled a muscle in my lower back–unloading that new dishwasher, nonetheless! One would think I’d have learned that lesson by now, heat and stretches come first. 

The day was spent standing or stretching out with ice and/or heat. When I was up, I washed the pots and pans that awaited in the sink, read email/blogs at the kitchen counter, and kept an eye on the birds. A hawk stopped by, but left with empty talons. It was too quick for me to photograph. 

The hardest part of the day was missing writers group tonight.

Here’s another slideshow so you can see some different visitors, most of these only show up at the feeders in winter:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Red-winged Blackbird

A flock of blackbirds appeared this afternoon. Upon spying a single red-winged blackbird in the midst, I had to smile. They seem much more intelligent than the ever-proud grackles, who strut with beaks pointed skyward, fluffing out their feathers to increase their size, always contending with each other with that noise that sounds like a rusty hinge. Not the red-wing,  though, while this prideful bickering takes place, he stays on task, eating to his heart’s content. Isn’t that really why they came in the first place? How often do we let outer distractions hinder our progress? For me, it’s a daily occurrence.

Photographer Credit: Factumquintus