Barn Charm 7/30/12 #96

This barn looks very similar to the one posted last week. I wondered if I’d gotten my photos mixed up, until I realized this one had a dirt road leading to it, where the other was paved. 

Roaming the back roads, my GPS and I, came upon this sign. I felt like “Wild Sally” that day, but I should never have mentioned it to anyone else. Maybe my niece will forget I told her…

I would like to meet this lady!

I have a feeling I will soon know how many friends and family members read my blog. 🙂

Linking to Tricia’s Barn Charm.

Friendship, Old and New

The “other” woman–we call her Jane–the one who sits on the dash and bosses us around when venturing into unfamiliar territory, has become my faithful companion the last couple of days. Friendship may be a possibility, after all.

Funeral services were held out-of-town Tuesday evening for the mother of our son-in-law. Hubby worked half of the day, then we hit the road. Bonus: Our destination wasn’t far from where my brother lives, so we got to spend some time visiting with him, his wife and son. 

The remnants of Tropical Storm Lee were in the area, and made his presence known from time to time with heavy downpours. I’m glad Jane knew where she was going, as it was hard for me to see at times. 

Our daughter’s family accepted a gracious invitation to spend the night at the home of a friend from elementary school. That made four adults, and ten offspring under the age of sixteen beneath one roof. Now THAT is hospitality at its finest.

Today, I had a massage scheduled, and shortly afterward, I got a call from my daughter telling me they just drove past our house. We arranged to meet for lunch, then came back home for the afternoon. I had my grandchildren ALL TO MYSELF!

Daughter’s friend issued an invitation for dinner, though she confessed to an ulterior motive to spend more time with them. I was invited, too; so Jane and I set off for parts unknown, traversing highways and byways I’ve never seen before. Apparently, Jane gets around, because she knew right where they live. I wonder what she’s NOT telling me. Hmmm.

Following dinner and a trip to a frozen yogurt shop, we climbed into our vehicles and returned to our respective homes. It was a rough couple of days in some ways, but also a time of tremendous blessing in others.  I raise my glass of water in a toast–to old friends, and new.   



The last several days found me at my daughter’s house, charging up and down I-95, hanging out with some great kids in restaurants, shopping, etc.; and running on very little sleep.

Thursday was a beautiful day, and I headed home around 2:30 p.m., which is normally a 2.5 hour drive. I decided to avoid the interstate and drive the back roads so I could enjoy the scenery, at a leisurely pace.

My detail-oriented hubby suggested I take his GPS with me at the onset of my trip. And I was glad I did. Yes, I got the scenic route I had planned, along with a lot of scenery I had never had the opportunity to explore… but not necessarily by choice!

As I pulled into a gas station for my final (or so I thought) pit-stop, the little voice exclaimed, “Severe traffic ahead, recalculating!” However, when one is on a peninsula, there are only so many options. In this case, there would not be any options for quite some time. It was about 5:00 p.m., and there was a drawbridge in my future; but we were separated by a one-lane-road-aheadmilling-and-paving operation, and maybe a thousand cars or so. The folks in the northbound lanes must have been distracted by our predicament, had a multi-car crash, and traffic wasn’t moving on that side of the median, either. Somewhere between there and the drawbridge, I wished I’d become an engineer, and able to design the feature that would hold the brake pedal, yet allow the vehicle to creep minimal distances as required, as the two devices that typically work interchangeably in that situation were wearing slam out!

Eventually, my tires connected with the drawbridge, and soon after, the GPS Lady suggested an alternative route. I was ready to go wherever she wanted to take me. We went hither and yon, as apparently, I’m not very good at following her directions. Then, there arose the proverbial fork in the road. At first I told her I wanted to go HOME, but Plan B transpired, and we were going to pick up the hubby at work and get dinner, which led to a couple of choices of bridge/tunnels.

After choosing one, we were off and running. Then there was the sign announcing a drawbridge opening of which we were right on schedule to observe; but GPS Lady saved the day, whisking us off yet another unexplored exit where we experienced yet another one-lane-road-milling-and-paving operation. It was after 10:00 p.m. when we arrived HOME, but my tummy was full, the GPS Lady was given the night off, which leads to the priority title of this entry–first thing this morning–

And now if you’ll excuse, me, I need a nap!