Friday Fictioneers–6 March 2015

 Friday Fictioneers take a photo prompt and write a 100-word story. This week’s photo is provided by Erin Leary. My story follows.

Copyright–Erin Leary


No Fun Gus

Well, he wouldn’t be troublin’ her no more. Jane vowed the next time Gus hit her would be the last. The day came, and she was ready. As ready as one can be. She chuckled about the pre-planned funeral. Those fellas in the fancy duds had nothin’ on her. She’d take care of the buryin’ business. She carted him to the property line where she’d dug a mighty fine hole, and dumped him in. A few days later she marveled at what she saw. Mama used to say folks was, “pushin’ up daisies.” This rotten scoundrel done got mushrooms!

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Five for Friday–or Six, or Ten…

I feel like I’ve been goofing off this week, what with all the  sand sculpture photos. So, today your patience is being tested rewarded. Wednesday was such a pretty day, I took my camera for a walk. Since I don’t have a dog. Besides, one can’t use a dog to take pictures, and they tend to scare the wildlife, anyway. I do a good enough job of that on my own. 

As you can see, the fungus is still thriving in our area. These are almost big enough to live in. If you’re quite small, that is. 

A cloudless blue expanse enveloped the earth.

The geese gathered at their usual hangout.

The squirrels appear to be hanging out, too, but they were busily collecting acorns until rudely interrupted and asked to pose for a photo op.

Leaves beginning to change, and other signs of autumn:

And there goes the heron I startled. Guess I need to work on my stalking technique.  Have a great weekend!