Friday Fictioneers 13 September 2013

It’s Wednesday, and the eager beavers at Friday Fictioneers are gnawing away at this week’s photo prompt, hoping to build a “dam” good 100-word story.

Copyright--Jan Wayne Fields
Copyright–Jan Wayne Fields


The fallout of the plane crash sent crowds scurrying for the ferry. Pushing and shoving like school kids trying to get outside for recess, they clamored onto the waiting vessel. Overloaded and tossed by the churning waves, the small boat struggled to stay afloat. Captain Steubing announced the need to cast off anything of little or no value. A mob of elitists took it upon themselves to rid the ferry of the homeless and weak who’d managed to get on board.

Lady Liberty lifted her torch to honor those sacrificed on this fateful day, for now, they were truly free.