Friday Fictioneers–6 March 2015

 Friday Fictioneers take a photo prompt and write a 100-word story. This week’s photo is provided by Erin Leary. My story follows.

Copyright–Erin Leary


No Fun Gus

Well, he wouldn’t be troublin’ her no more. Jane vowed the next time Gus hit her would be the last. The day came, and she was ready. As ready as one can be. She chuckled about the pre-planned funeral. Those fellas in the fancy duds had nothin’ on her. She’d take care of the buryin’ business. She carted him to the property line where she’d dug a mighty fine hole, and dumped him in. A few days later she marveled at what she saw. Mama used to say folks was, “pushin’ up daisies.” This rotten scoundrel done got mushrooms!

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Friday Fictioneers–22 November 2013

This week, Sean Fallon provides the photo inspiration for Friday Fictioneers.
Won’t you join  us? It’s amazing how quickly 100 words comes together. It just might be the most fun you have all day! The stories of other Fictioneers can be found at the above link, too. My 100-word story follows the photo.

Copyright–Sean Fallon

Breaking Up is Hard to Do

“I heard you and your wife split.”
“Yeah, it was real ugly.”
“What happened? You two were a pair since sixth grade.”
“She got all bent out of shape one morning when I was flexing in front of the bathroom mirror. She was trying to brush her teeth at the time. Then she said she was tired of my nagging—and suggesting she stop spending so much time writing 100-word fiction and work out with me at the gym.”
“Man! What were you thinking?”
“I don’t know, guess I lost my head…and my torso…along with the right to bear arms.”

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Friday Fictioneers–27 September 2013

The a-door-able Rochelle Wisoff-Fields posted the following photo prompt for this week’s Friday Fictioneers meme. My 100-word story is below it. 

Photo Copyright--Rich Voza
Photo Copyright–Rich Voza

Splintered Relationship

“That goes against my grain,” Theodore grumbled.

“Don’t be such a stick-in-the-mud,” Isadore chided, about to come unhinged with his close-mindedness.

“For generations, the young saplings settled in near their parents and put down roots.”

“Just because that’s the way it’s always been doesn’t mean it’s the only way. They lead such sheltered lives, overshadowed by the past. They need to get out and experience life, to kindle new relationships. Personally, I don’t see what’s wrong with sending them to boarding school.”

 Theodore shook his head and said, “I adore you, my love, but you must have sawdust for brains.”


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Friday Fictioneers–23 August 2013

Copyright-- Claire Fuller
Copyright– Claire Fuller

Last Rites

The diagnosis came, “It’s terminal,” the doctor said. The words hit hard, but deep inside, we knew. We had watched her fade after multiple surgeries to remove diseased parts. Braces could no longer support her weakened limbs; the loss of balance and stability, the decrease in body mass–a harbinger of things to come. The once-strong arms couldn’t provide the shelter and security of their younger days. Her presence had become a liability.  Who knew when she might fall? Then what would we do? It was decided, she would spend her final days at the Laguna Beach Sawdust Art Festival. 

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Feel free to cut
Feel free to cut