Friday’s Hunt v3.23

Friday’s Hunt

This week the search is on for Starts with W, Week’s Favorite, and Pastel. 

To save time, I’m sharing a “one-shot does all.” 

The pastel green fennel in the background is wet from the rain, and this Monarch butterfly on milkweed is my Week’s Favorite.

Spending time with family this weekend, so I’ll be by to visit your blogs the first of the week. Have a great weekend! 


Friday’s Hunt v2.8

Friday’s Hunt v2.8

This week we are hunting for things that Start with H, Week’s Favorite, and Single.

Thursday didn’t seem as Hot as what has become the norm, so I took my iPhone 6 Plus to the backyard with me when I filled feeders and birdbaths. I checked the fennel, and found several Hungry Black Swallowtail caterpillars. This is the first time I’ve seen them this year. 

My Week’s Favorite shows the Black-eyed Susans moved in with the fennel. They were probably like the rest of us, looking for a wee bit of shade. 

Most of the Purple Coneflowers resemble burnt toast, but I found this single blossom. 

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Good Fences #117

Good Fences #117

I’m sticking close to home this week. In fact, this is the “Fennel and Milkweed Jungle” in my backyard, viewed from a lawn chair. We’re ready for Black Swallowtail and Monarch butterflies and caterpillars! I’m sure the birds are looking forward to them, too – but for other reasons.

Hope you have a great weekend! It’s Father’s Day weekend here in the U.S., thankful for all the dads. Where would we be without them? 

Thankful Thursday


Thankful Thursday and 5 Random Thoughts

My days of the week are totally mixed up! I’ve been attempting to keep the hours of a morning person–some days out of necessity–but I keep falling back into my regularly-scheduled program. 


I may have said this before, but I’m thankful for our public library. It offers a wide selection of magazines to read without paying a subscription fee, Wi-fi, use of computers for those who don’t have one, and music, movies and, oh yes, BOOKS on everything imaginable.

Now for some RANDOMNESS

1. I love Wi-fi! Our downstairs a/c is inoperable, so I’m sitting in a zero-gravity lawn chair under the oak tree with birds singing overhead. Some of them might be telling me to go back in the house where I belong, but I don’t understand bird-speak. (Or I’m feigning ignorance–shhh don’t tell!)

2. This is the first year milkweed planted the previous year returned. I’m ready for the Monarch butterflies to appear. Hopefully they’ll get here before the aphids. 

3. The Bee Balm is robust this year, also. Maybe a hard winter isn’t so bad for the garden, after all. 

4. Cutting back the Butterfly Bush in late winter, we discovered a rotted section at its base. We lost about a third of it, but the remainder is coming back strong.

5.  The Coneflowers have a lot of buds.

Bonus Randomness

This is the Fennel jungle. Fennel is a host plant for Black Swallowtail butterflies. I hope we see lots of them this year.

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Share Your World–2014 Week 13

Share Your World

April is here, and there’s sunshine in the forecast. Hopefully, I can tackle some spring cleaning projects soon. It’s also time to think about the flower garden, where bits of green are popping up here and there. I’m delighted to see fennel coming back after this harsh winter. We’re thinking to plant Rhododendron under our oak tree in a new bed when we clean up that area. I don’t know if we’ll get to it this year, but the thought of it makes me giddy.

Sorry to ramble on so…here are Cee’s questions–and my answers–for this week.

Do you believe in extraterrestrials or life on other planets?
It’s a vast universe in which we live, who knows? I just hope they all speak English, like in the movies.

What type of pet or pets do (you) not want to have?
In regard to several recent tragedies in the news, I don’t think I’d want a Pit Bull.

If you were a crayon, what color would you be?
I do love that creative crayon display Cee found online, just look at all those pretty colors! What color would I be? I’d like to be a warm Sunshine Yellow.

What type of transportation would you be? Why?
A taxi. I like to drive, and having friends or grandchildren along for the adventure is even better.

Bonus question:  What are you grateful for from last week, and what are you looking forward to in the week coming up?
I’m grateful the family was well so we could visit.
Looking forward to a good report on my annual check-up.

That’s it for Share Your World. You can create your own post and link to Cee’s blog, or comment below. If you’re looking to make some new blogging friends, check out the other replies on Cee’s blog.

Circle of Life–Summer

August in the northern hemisphere brings sweltering temperatures. Here along the mid-Atlantic coast the humidity soars right along with the mercury in the thermometer. 

To swelter is to boil, broil, fry, perspire, roast, sweat, and wilt. Yes, that describes it pretty well. I have personally perspired myself into a state of wilt.

In the garden, the drought-resistant plants are thriving, and those less tolerant are as limp as overcooked asparagus. 

The black swallowtail butterflies are frequent visitors since we planted fennel and parsley to host their larvae this year. In summer, the eggs are laid, the larvae emerge, and they proceed to devour the host plant as they move through several larval stages.

Then they disappear…only to return as a butterfly, and the cycle starts again. 

fennel before
fennel after

The goldfinches nest later than other birds. They will have only one brood per year, while house finches may have three or more. A new wave of young house finches is now visiting the feeders.