Thankful Thursday: Snow Day

Thankful Thursday:  Snow Day

A snow day is not something I look forward to, but today, I’m thankful to have one. For a little while at least, it seems like the world slows down. There are fewer cars traveling the road in front of the house, and they’re driving a slower pace. The snow muffles some of the sounds. With 5-inches of snow, a lot of birds show up at the feeders. Well, it was quiet for awhile! 


Around the Backyard

We’ve been seeing a lot of this lately:

And they always come hungry!

Here you can see the red flashes of the Red-winged Blackbirds:

There are a lot of Brown-headed Cowbirds in this flock.

European Starlings join in the fray:

Hopefully, they’ll remember where we are when the mosquitoes return.

Starlings have a way of cleaning out the feeder to make sure everyone gets something to eat:

And the squirrel is happy to clean up after them.

The bunny still visits daily, usually early in the morning (hubby says so), or late evening–sometimes middle of the night.

Thanks for stopping by! Would you like a cup of White Chocolate Peppermint tea? That’s my new favorite. Hubby tried it, now I have to SHARE!
Yikes! It’s almost the weekend!





There Goes the Water/Tried a New Recipe

We had a most lovely day. The temperature got into the 60s, I went out to play and never came back. OK, I did have to bring the groceries home and put them away.

The European Starlings thoroughly enjoyed the birdbath. I was tempted to join them.

Last evening was writers group; today I had lunch with my friend, Ev, who leads our group.

The little Painted Bunting female is still a regular
visitor. This is her favorite feeder.

I made something new for dinner. The recipe came from Bob’s Red Mill blog. It was recommended as a savory breakfast in the post, but garlic, kale, fire-roasted tomatoes and Parmesan sounded more like dinner to me. It didn’t take long to make, and we both liked it. I shopped three places before finding the brown rice farina for the base, so you may want to keep that in mind.

Have a lovely Thursday!


“The Birds”

How many of you thought of Alfred Hitchcock when you read the title of this post, “The Birds?”  (The links will open new browser pages if you are not familiar with either of these.)

Last Wednesday, upon exiting the back door to feed my feathered and furry friends, my ears were assailed by the most non-melodious melody. The squeaky-hinge of Common Grackles was the first voice identified, blended with the shrill cries of European Starlings and Brown-headed Cowbirds. Alfred Hitchcock’s movie came to mind immediately.

I slipped quietly from the shelter of the shed and large oak tree, and peered through the openness to the next stand of trees and found them filled with the silhouettes of birds. Of course, the camera was in the house. I hurried to retrieve it and snapped some pictures to share with you. 004 b 002

Many of them were brown-headed cowbirds. The adult males are black with a brown head. Females and juveniles are brownish-gray. They were named for their habit of following herds of bison and cattle where they foraged for insects, grain and seed. They are a brood parasite, forgoing nest-building and incubating, laying their eggs in the nests of other birds. 

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Oddities and Observations

I looked through the folder of backyard pictures from 2009, and found some photos to share with you. The first category is oddities, things that make you go, “Hmmmmm.” These are things I’ve seen only once.

A laptop and Wi-Fi, enabled me to commune with nature. This praying mantis provided a close-up experience.


OK, who left this on the feeder? I thought maybe my niece was playing a joke on me.
One morning I awoke to find the feeder turned upside down. I figured the pigeons had gotten rowdy when breakfast was late.


The second category  is observations. It’s like time stands still.  Some things never change. 

Starlings can always be found at the community pool.
Pigeons can always be found at the community pool.
Smile, you're on Candid Camera!