Good Fences #126

Good Fences






I have yet another fence from Edenton, NC. That was certainly a worthwhile trip. 

Two fences, actually, one in front and one behind the tree. Look at that tree!
Doesn’t the bench look inviting?
The tree in all its glory. The fence and bench are dwarfed by it.



Friday Photos

Friday’s Hunt 2.6
Skywatch Friday

This week features Starts with F, Week’s Favorite, and Shiny

Starts with F: This is another house we saw in Edenton, NC. A Fixer-upper, with a Fence.

My Week’s Favorite: The warmth of “golden hour” just before sunset outshone the dramatic contrast in the clouds.

The shiny tabletop at Edenton Coffee House Bakery & Cafe reflected the overhead fluorescent lights. 

Everyone is invited to play along with Friday’s Hunt, just pop on over to Eden Hills for the prompts and time to share:



Good Fences #124

Good Fences #124

Sharing four photos of one of my favorite fences found in Edenton, NC, this past weekend.

I liked the curved design on this one. The ivy-covered steps and posts add their own brand of elegance.
Close-up of the gate and a lot of tree! In some ways, this reminded me of Colonial Williamsburg-old-growth trees and beautiful fences.
The steps with gate at the top beckon, like a secret garden.
The fence goes on, and on…