Friday’s Hunt v4.4

Friday’s Hunt

This week we are looking for Starts with D, Favorite, and Photographer’s Choice

Downy Woodpecker starts with D

There she is with that camera again.

My Favorite–Did you know it would have to be a bunny? 

Photographer’s Choice–Carolina Wren fledgling

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Friday’s Hunt v1.24

Friday’s Hunt

This week’s prompts: The letter X, Week’s Favorite, and Water or Wet

Starting with water, Norfolk Botanical Garden borders on Lake Whitehurst. I eased onto the low bench at one of my favorite observation spots. I’d hardly gotten situated when I saw a Mallard‘s head pop up in the marshy area in front of me. The water level is higher than usual with all the rain we’ve had, bringing the water’s edge closer to the bench. I got the camera ready, and in focusing, I saw several little heads pop in line right behind her – seven to be exact. And off they went. I felt badly for having disturbed them.

My Favorite shot is one I struggled all week to get. Grayscale makes the silhouette more visible, otherwise the shot was trash! This is a young Downy Woodpecker hanging on for dear life figuring out how to get into the Starling-proof suet feeder. 

Young Downy figuring out the feeder

Yes, I saved for last. Thanks to my gluten-free granddaughter, I happen to have this on hand.



Good Fences #81

Good Fences #81

The birds are finally returning to the backyard after our recent stormy weather. A few regulars still visited, but the numbers increased today.

My plans for fence photography switched to Plan B when I realized how heavy traffic was, and I had a perfectly good fence surrounding my yard at home! 

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Good Fences #43

Good Fences

I hung out at the kitchen window, waiting for some cuteness to come along and grace the fence. I had a few visitors while I waited…Clicking a photo will bring up the slide show, mousing over shows captions.

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Just Peeking In


Downy Woodpecker–just peeking in on you


Northern Mockingbird

No sooner than hubby asked if the mockingbird had been around in the cold weather, the very next day it showed up!

Here’s a view of the backyard featuring our second snowfall, eight inches or so.

It didn’t look pristine for long, hubby shoveled paths to the feeders. Wednesday may have been the first time ever he couldn’t get to work.  I wish he’d been able to enjoy his day off, but it was spent clearing snow, and fretting about orders that needed to be placed. This morning, he had to dig through the barricade of snow the plow left before he could get the car out of the driveway.

Have you ever wondered what the belly of a Yellow-rumped Warbler looks like?
Now you know!
Too soon, our day came to an end.

May you be warm, wherever you are today.