Friday Fictioneers–20 December 2013

We are  connected once again to the internet, and just in time for Friday Fictioneers! We have a great photo prompt this week, provided by Jean L. Hays. My 100-word story follows her photo.

Copyright-Jean L. Hays

A Day on the Bay

Dad rejoins the pod and asks his lovely bride, “What’s for dinner, Shnookums?”


“Shrimp again? I had that for lunch. I’ve been craving menhaden lately. You know I have to get my Omega-3s.”

“Don’t be so crabby. Menhaden have been hard to come by at the market, with the eagles, osprey, and those two-legged predators catching more than their fair share.”

“Oh, yeah. I overheard the Coast Guard officers discussing that as Adolph and I surfed around their vessel.”

“Surfed? You’ve been snacking between meals again, haven’t you? You’re getting a spare tire around your dorsal fin.”

Everyone is welcome to join the Friday Fictioneers frenzy. All you have to do is write a 100-word story and link to Rochelle’s blog (the blue links will take you there) where you’ll find the rules to play along.